cheap insurance for teens

cheap insurance for teenscheap insurance for teens


  1. cheap insurance for teens
  2. cheap insurance for teens
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Would a speeding ticket go to the lead insured or the owner of car?
  6. my dad is the lead insured, my mum and i are named drivers, but my mum owns the car. Who would the speeding ticket be addressed to?"
  7. Can i sue my car insurance company.?
  8. I have had an car accident and made a claim through my car insurance, however they have failed to compensate me for the accident and rather than compensating me they have cancelled my policy claiming that i had provided them with incorrect information, which were genuine minor mistakes on my part, however i did not find out about any of these indiscripancies until my accident as my insurance company had not initially provided me with documents showing all the information i had provided to them to make sure everything was correct, they only provided me with the certificate. Since they didn't provide me with these details and a form to sign to say all the information is correct. Are they allowed to cancel my policy as i wouldve corrected this information if i had found out about it. And do i have any grounds to complain to the financial ombudman."
  9. How does the new 1-50 insurance group rating work?
  10. Ive read that most cars insurance group will more or less double But what I want to know is if 2 cars are group 5 under the old rating and one goes up to 11 and the other only to 7 does that mean the 7 will cost less to insure than the original or will 7 be about the same and 11 be more? sorry if this didnt make sense. 10 points to anybody who can answer?
  11. How do I know what medication is covered under my insurance?
  12. I have BlueCross BlueShield, and my card has an Identification Number, Group, and Plan Codes. But how do I know what medication is covered for me? Can I find this on the website?"
  13. I am going to drive in a few years can somebody list some cars that are sporty but low on insurance?
  14. please add if you can the insurance rates and the car name thanks!!
  15. Does car insurance cover only one car per policy?
  16. Like, if I had many cars, would the policy cover all those cars for one fee or would I have to get insurance for each car? I feel like each policy only covers one car but I'm not for sure which is why I'm here. And if there is such a car insurance that covers x amount of cars for one fee, let me know. Thanks for taking the time to answer this."
  17. Insured car but driver not on insurance?
  18. I have liability insurance on my car but the person driving my car was not on the insurance and they rearended someone .... what can happen and will the insurance company pay or am I responsible?
  19. How do you get health insurance for under $500 a month?
  20. My health insurance premium costs $500 a month. What options do I have for a cheaper plan? Would I have to avoid going to the doctor for many years to get affordable health insurance ? What is the secret?
  21. Any Florida (Tampa) insurance agents out there (auto)????
  22. Well its pretty simple i have a car now and i know how much insurance i am paying now but i have a few questions since i am going to change cars in a few months i am looking at getting an Suv something like a jeep srt-8, trailblazer ss, maybe acura RDX but im not sure what kinda things make insurance cheaper like AWD vs FWD or RWD, auto vs manual etc so if you are an insurance agent and could help me please email me or im me. Thanks BTW some background info: 17 years old Male no accidents, no tickets"
  23. Affordable Health Insurance for Student in MA?
  24. Hi, if you go to school in MA, you would know that the insurance company offered by school are overpriced. I'm looking for affordable, low-cost, health insurance for college student in Massachusetts. Thank you."
  25. Car Insurance In Virginia?