Sam Claflin Ends Twitter Chat on #MeBeforeYou

After Disability Activists Fight Against the Film's Ableist Message


  1. Me Before You is a film that is set to be released starring @samclaflin and @emiliaclarke. The film tells the story of Louisa Clarke, a young British woman who takes a job as caregiver for a quadriplegic.
  2. In the film, Will, the quad, kills himself so that Louisa can have financial freedom and a better life. It supports a common misconception that it is better to be dead than disabled. The film is also being passed off as a romantic dramedy, when there is nothing romantic about a depressed disabled man telling a woman love is not enough.
  3. May 23, the official @MeBeforeYou film Twitter account announced that actor @samclaflin would be hosting a twitter chat, and disabled activists from around the world showed up to challenging the harmful messages and assertions this film makes.
  4. These messages include:

    -Disabled people cannot have healthy, intimate relationships
  5. -Disabled people's deaths benefit non-disabled people
  6. -Disabled people are better dead than disabled
  7. When disability activists took to the #s #LiveBoldly and #AskSam, it seemed like they were initially overwhelmed with clueless non-disabled people clearly supporting this film. However, as activists continued to show up, and address Sam specifically, his responses slowed down significantly.