Disability Community Confronts Ableism in #DontBreathe

Activists flood horror film's Q&A with director, Fede Alvarez


  1. After watching the trailers for the new horror/thriller film, #DontBreathe, the disability community, including blind activists, took to Twitter to confront the ableism that was prevalent. Taking over the Twitter Q&A with director Fede Alvarez proved to be fruitless, as the director spent much of the time ignoring activists, and the one person he did address he chose to disregard, by saying he "disagreed" with the ableism being present.
  2. You can check out the trailers for yourself right here:
  3. @Fedalvar replied to questions thanks to @DailyDead, who hosted the chat from 2 PM PT-3 PM PT. While disability activists were overwhelmingly outnumbering others asking questions, only activist Dominick Evans (@dominickevans) was addressed by both Daily Dead, and Fede Alvarez, and only after he started speaking out about the blatant ableism. Mentioning how large the disability community actually is, and how we are consumers seemed to be the thing that triggered a response, though much of the disability community was not very happy with the response.
  4. You can check out highlights from the discussion below.