Londoners aren't all bad in the London Riots

After the three days of riots in London and the horrible images that have been circulated on the internet, the social networking sites blamed for organising the hooligans have been used to begin repairing the damage.

  1. There have been some horrific acts of violence and opportunism in the capital in the past few days. Both disgusting and disheartening.

    Londoners see people from their own communities, their neighbours, attacking it. The senseless violence and looting has caused a lot of anger and outrage, this can be seen in the reaction to pictures and videos.

  2. NO FUCKING WAY, HEARTLESS Footage shot in Barking on Queens Road Just because I am allowing people to comment on the video does not mean i agree with some peoples extreme and racist opinions. We need to work together and be nice. We also tried to get through to the police but they were busy understandably. I would like to raise money for the victim. And I will try and get the money to him via the police. i have been asking TV channels and newspapers if they pay for showing this foota...
  3. There have also been scary images of rioters fending off the police, police retreating and being outnumbered and unprepared.

  4. Londoners gawking at the violence and cheering on the police's strong handed approach are almost equally disconcerting. The fact that the police have to react this way and that people are encouraging it by jeering.

  5. Clapham Junction riots - Police Catch looter coming out of Currys and Beat Him 8/8/11
  6. And on the fourth night, in Manchester too.
  7. Then you have terrible individuals bragging online about their behaviour and trying to incite more violence and looting. Luckily, this usually shows their ignorance and the reaction to them is one of both disappointment and humour.

  8. After the third night of riots in London, Riot Cleanup was quickly set up for Londoner's to repair some of the damage done to their local communities and support local business'.
  9. yfrog Photo : Shared by Lawcol888
  10. Riot clean up in Clapham Junction
  11. This includes the singer-songwriter Emmy the Great who has been brilliant in organising some of the cleanup in London.

  12. There's also a lot of support in communities for people protecting local business' and homes.