Most Popular Show Dog Breeds


  1. When it comes to dog shows, there is plenty of variety to look forward to. These shows have a focus on purebreds recognized by the American Kennel Club. There are thousands of affiliated clubs across the country where everyone from first time dog owners to experienced ones can find out about all things dog related.

    For anyone looking to participate in such shows, it is a good idea to pick out breeds that are easy to train and generally perform well at shows like the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Certain breeds have an impressive track record and are likely to perform very well when suitably trained.

    ·         Wire fox terrier

    As one of the most winning dog breeds in shows, this small dog is a highly intelligent and playful variety. It possesses a rough coat with a white base broken by brown, gray or black patches on the body.  It is very energetic and enjoys both mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately it is also often abandoned by owners because of rebelliousness brought on by boredom. It requires an owner that is firm and can help it burn up its boundless energy. They make for great companion dogs for owners with the time and inclination to keep its attention diverted.

    ·         Scottish terrier

    Another breed of terrier that also does very well at shows is the Scottish terrier. It is a popular small family dog. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and territorial.  Its alertness is often seen in the way its ears become erect when listening out for sounds and focused expression. They are rather fast and are rather enjoyable when playing. They also have a determined nature and have historically been referred to as diehards. Originally hunting dogs, they can be very obedient when dealt with firmly. A strong hand is required, especially since the breed tends to be aggressive when coming across other dogs.

    ·         English springer spaniel

    Historically the breed was used in hunting and got its name from its tendency to spring after birds. This action would give hunters the chance to shoot the birds as they rose into the air. This medium sized compact breed is very popular with young families and seniors thanks to its friendly nature. It can often be seen wagging its tail and eager to play. There is however some difference seen between show dog varieties and field bred dogs. The show dogs have longer fur and a heavier build than field bred springers. They are quick learners and willing to obey their masters. They do however need plenty of attention to keep them happy and avoid mischievous and destructive behaviors.

    ·         Boxer

    This larger breed also does very well in shows and is popular thanks to the ease in grooming and protective instinct. Its short haired and shiny coat comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to reverse brindle. Despite their intimidating size, these dogs are very affectionate and playful with owners. Sometimes their eagerness to play and size can be a danger in households with very small children making them preferable where older or no children are in the household. They can also sometimes be stubborn requiring continued obedience training. They are very intelligent and can be trained to solve problems independently. The protective nature and loyalty of the boxer makes it also ideal as a guard dog.

    As indicated, trainability and obedience are very important in picking show dog breeds because you need to demonstrate you have control over your canine companion. You can find out more about these and other suitable show dog breeds through Purebred Breeders LLC. This organization offers free advisory services to those looking to adopt or buy puppies. They consider your specific needs and work to find a suitable matching temperament. You can visit their website on , where you can explore the variety of pure and designer breeds that can be offered to you through their affiliated listing of reputable dog breeders.

    Whether you are simply interested in dog showing as a spectator or as a first time entrant, it is a good idea to take advantage of resources that kennel clubs offer to learn more about your breed and how to get the best out of him or her. Joining these clubs help you to better understand your dog’s breed and how best to train them. Even if you do not enter him or her into competition, you will learn the best means by which to keep him obedient, whatever the development stage.  

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