The Good Life Experience

Earlier in the year i'd heard about a festival in North Wales that championed the 'good old days'. Quality food, books, The Great Outdoors, craft and music. I'd forgotten I'd bought tickets till a few days before so it was a nice surprise as the family jumped in the car and headed West.


  1. Friday
  2. As ever I packed the car with all the things you need to take camping in the hope the family doesn't feel like it's actually sleeping outdoors in the autmn.
  3. Me, i'm happy with a tarp and a knife. Oh and my phone so I can tweet how 'outdoorsy' i am.
  4. Three hours later after some easy roads we'd arived at the Good Life Experiance. You park in a field for £5 and ferry your gear across the road.
  5. We had a few loads and wanted a spot with a view so walked further than most.
  6. It was so worth it. I hadn't rolled the sleeping bags out before I felt i needed to lighten the coolbox.
  7. After a little explore I found things were likely to be a little more luxurious than expected.
  8. The toilets were immaculate and stayed pretty clean throughout the weekend.
  9. By the main entrance I was lucky enough to grab a conversation with one of the founders of the event Charlie Gladstone...
  10. And then another one Cerys Matthews!