Tech Base Camp

Tech Base Camp is a drop-in social technology surgery. With tips and guidance on how to use social media and the associated tools that help you share networked stories. Oh, and I run it from a tent.


  1. Thanks to @IanRoddis at the The Open University I finally got the chance to try out something I had been wanting to do for a while. To create a more casual, relaxed learning environment where people can explore social technology in a lighthearted playful way.
  2. We waited for the gales and rains to pass Milton Keynes and midweek we were ready to pitch camp.
  3. My one pole tent went up quickly. My two pole banner I hoped would indecate we were not an #OccupyOU camp.
  4. It was also great to raise eyebrows internationally.
  5. At 10 am things were in full swing and those brave enough to approach the strange glitch in the lawn got advice and inspiration as their reward.
  6. Questions came from both inside and outside of The Open University.
  7. And i got the chance to show off some toys.
  8. Interest continued throughout the day.