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40 at 40

February 2012 sees me turning 40. It's not a massive deal to me, what with 50 being the new 40 nowadays.. and I've already been having a midlife-crisis for the last 10 years anyway. Still I think I'd like to mark it with something special. The conversation follows below. Scroll down for the list.


  1. Mystery trips seem a bit to risky to me, especially as I often joke about dream locations.
  2. See what i mean..?

    Tom Peach-Gheraghty suggested something that I instantly connected with. 
  3. So i'm now thinking a list of 40+ 'experiences' I have yet to.. i guess.. experience. I'll pick 40 from the list and attempt to do them over the year.

    It would be fun documenting random activities and I now have an excuse to do things I've thought about but might previously have seemed a bit weird.. or lame. Especially if someone on twitter suggests it.
  4. Although I was a 'young ornithologist', birdwatching will probably not be in the list.
  5. There's a space by space west... i'm in.
  6. Richard likes beer.. a lot.
  7. I liked the brewery idea and it may well go on the list.
  8. I'm not big on parties if i'm the focal point. I don't mind throwing them. So i'll probably not be doing that. I'd still like cake though.. Obviously.
  9. Thinking something that needs epic training may take up valuable experience time. And hurt a bit.