To the science guys who want to understand #shirtstorm

ESA Rosetta Project Scientist Matt Taylor's choice of shirt for on-air interview was clearly problematic to a lot of women (and not a few men) in science, but there are some science guys who don't understand the fuss. Let me try to help you with that.


  1. Yesterday, I tried to explain the problem in terms of dressing appropriately for your job (and, if that job involves communication, for the audience who's going to see you).
  2. But … a lot of science folk expressed a desire to be *quirky*, not "boring". If they wanted to wear the uniform of a corporate drone, would they have gone into science? No!
  3. Luckily, not-boring doesn't rule out a range of sartorial options that are still work-appropriate for most space scientists:
  4. But still, as of today, there are science guys who don't … quite … understand. Why are we judging a project scientist based on what he's wearing rather than what's in his head? (Clearly this is a situation about which women in science have thought little…) Can it be that women's interest in science -- and in participating fully in science education and careers -- is so fragile that just one shirt can break it?
  5. So, at a bit more length, here's the situation from the point of view of scientific commitments we purportedly share…