ScienceOnline 2014 #scioBoundaries recap.

In the first set of concurrent sessions on Thursday, February 27, there were four choices, three of which focused on women in science. This is my recap of one of them, the "boundaries" session.


  1. Let the record reflect that the session has already been Storified by others!  What I offer here is my curation of the tweets along with my thoughts.
  2. Here's the description of the session given in the online program:

    This discussion will focus on identifying and communicating boundaries, dealing with inappropriate behavior, how to be an ally, and what to do when "no" is not enough. Ashley Simons-Rudolph is the director of NCSU's Women's Center. She will facilitate the attendee discussion.
  3. For those connecting dots (which, let's face it, is what people do in the face of partial information), the coexistence of the three women-in-science sessions in a single time-slot gave the appearance that this was the plan of the ScienceOnline organizers for dealing with residual issues from allegations of harassment against Bora Zivkovic, his departure from ScienceOnline leadership, and the secondary hit to trust in the organization that many people said they felt as a result of ScienceOnline co-founder and board member Anton Zuiker's personal post about finding forgiveness for Bora.

    From its title and description, the "Boundaries" session sounded like the option in its time-slot most likely to directly address the events with which members of the community were grappling.
  4. The moderator framed the conversation she expected we might have…
  5. ... and then gingerly dipped a toe into the water.