Desirous of a telescope, Team Science struggles with the practical details of sharing a world.

The controversy over building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea has given publics a window into how scientists regard them and their interests. While breathtaking, the view has not been pretty.


  1. If you are just dropping into this, the short version is this: The astronomical community has plans for an 18-story Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), capable of making observations of astronomical objects 13 billion light-years away. However, a number of native Hawaiians have raised objections to the siting of TMT on Mauna Kea.
  2. Here's some media coverage:
  3. My own awareness of this issue is due to the efforts of astrophysicist Dr. Chanda Hsu Prescod-Weinstein, who has been tireless in raising awareness of the goings on -- and the larger implications for STEM communities -- on #STEM Twitter.
  4. Last night, Chanda tweeted about an email that was going around, attempting to rally scientists to support TMT against challenges from protestors. Someone else in the astronomical community had let me see the original email, so I knew what Chanda meant…
  5. Of course, as frequently happens when one has the temerity to point out a problem within one's professional community…