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How do dedicated, educated parents wind up withholding life-saving vaccines from vulnerable children? #HCSMVAC chats

An archive of tweets from the 8-20-11 #hcsmvac chat. We wonder how some of the most invested, educated, and affluent parents might wind up getting poor information about vaccinations, and we discuss how to change that.


  1. Example of anti-vaccination rhetoric that endangers children:
  2. The vaccine hoax | Hoystory
    The vaccine hoax | Hoystory
  3. Holy Typhoid Mary, Batman! Really!?! You mean a nurse or doc could have the flu and unknowingly spread it to my vulnerable children?!? Yikes!
  4. When you realize that hand-washing protocols aren't always followed by health care workers, then their stunning lack of immunizations gets really worrisome...