Keep Universities for the Many

We're leading a series of debates into the future of higher education. This is a chance for everyone at DMU to have their say on fees, funding, the role of universities and our value to society.

  1. 1.12pm: The next talk in the series will be given by our Chief Operating Officer Ben Browne on Friday 23 March at 9.30am in Trinity Chapel
  2. 12.21pm: The second phase of campaign talks was announced by Professor Dominic Shellard, Vice-Chancellor of DMU at a recent staff address.
  3. 12.14pm: This second phase is engaging with the Government's recently announced review into post-18 education, which will examine the choice, value for money, access and skills offered across higher education in the UK.
  4. March 16, 2018: We have moved into the second phase of our Keep Universities for the many campaign, which begins today with a talk from Professor Andy Collop, DMU's Vice-Chancellor.
  5. November 10: Today De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) hosted #DSUQuestionTime an event exploring some of the key issues impacting Higher Education today. Joining compere Mike Mayes (DSU Vice President Media and Communications) was Deputy Vice-Chancellor Andy Collop, NUS Vice President Education, Amatey Doku and Councillor Sarah Russell, Assistant Mayor responsible for Children's Services.

    Today's topics of discussion included:

    - How should Higher Education be funded?
    - Marketisation of education
    - Impact of Brexit on Higher Education
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