Stuck in the Maze / from housed to homeless

An interactive maze that takes people on a journey from being housed to homeless and sheds light on what it is to be homeless in Auckland as part of World Homeless Day and Artweek Auckland.


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  2. From our deceptive looking entrance, people were invited to get 'stuck in the maze' by our kaitiaki and other maze stewards.

    Once inside, they were led on a journey to from being housed to homeless by reading the stories on the wall of the maze by people with lived experience of homelessness.
  3. Made possible with funding from Waitemata Local Board.
  4. It was a Pantograph Punch Pick in the Artweek itinerary
  5. And it really seemed to hit home based on feedback we got and reactions we saw including:
    - The incredible heart-wrenching content that the homeless community put into the maze - by writing their stories and emotions on to the walls.
    - The tears and anger and generosity of spirit that people who travelled the maze shared and their willingness to be documented as that happened.
    - The support of local businesses - who we worked with to make them part of the event.
    - The number of unexpected volunteers who delivered food, helped construct and also take down the maze.
    - The number of people who were disappointed that the maze was only up for one day and couldn't be there to engage in it themselves - many people would love to see it come back for a longer stay, probably in another location (given the impact it had on neighbouring businesses)
  6. Inside the maze itself

  7. Behind the scenes

  8. We begged and borrowed to make it happen...
  9. And our pleas were answered
  10. Sometimes with the unexpected
  11. And it is thanks to everyone that a work like this can happen.
  12. It all comes from this publication and the hearts and minds of many Auckland streeties