Pro Football Weekly's Racism 101 Moment(s)

Nolan Nawrocki's Pro Football Weekly is held in high regard in NFL circles. However, his assessment of former Auburn and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton is filled with anonymously-sourced innuendo and personal attacks tantamount to not-so-coded racist speak.


  1. Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly told ESPN Radio that Cam Newton was "narcissistic, fraud, con artist, disingenuous and disillusional (sic)" - according to anonymous NFL sources, of course. Nawrocki himself called Newton "fake" and "selfish." Nawrocki then said his assessment of Newton was no different that his negative assessment of Jimmy Clausen - which has yet to be located even after a search for  "jimmy clausen" through PFW's first 9 archive pages, with 20 search results per page. 

    Interestingly what was found was an article that allowed Clausen to respond to "rumors about his health and leadership ability."

    Nawrocki also intimated that no one in the Auburn program would share anything untoward about Newton "unless you're dealin' with somebody and, you know, uhhhh, with a great deal of trust. You know it's hard to find out a lot about people without a great deal of investigative work."

    Clausen was never, according to PFW's draft projections any lower than the #3 QB in his draft class, nor was his projected pick position any lower than #48; an oddly high rating for the potential face of a franchise, as quarterbacks are perceived to be, who was alleged to have been the subject of Cam Newton-like negative scrutiny.

    It appears that the goal of many people inside the NFL as well as purported football "experts" is to label Newton a light as negative as the positive light bestowed upon their crowned All-American boy, Tim Tebow.

    No one ever accused Tebow of subverting the leadership of then Florida number one quarterback Chris Leak. Tebow was consistent in his failure to be a "good teammate" and praise Leak and always basked in the publicity heaped on him, though it was Leak who was the offensive leader responsible for Tebow's and Urban Meyer's first National Championship at Florida.

    The thought that Tebow's smile might be fake apparently never crossed or crosses the minds of his many supporters. The reality that Tebow is the product of a cult-like evangelical Christian family atmosphere where evangelic family patriarch Bob took his entire family to the Philippines to "convert" Filipino peoples from their savage "pagan" ways to Christianity is never mentioned. The context for such acts can be readily seen as the same modus operandi of the conquering Spanish of the late 14th-19th centuries who razed Maya and Aztec monumental structures - pyramids - and built churches on top of them as an exhibition of their dominance over the "savage" indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica - and did the same with South American indigenous peoples.

    Tim Tebow is never said to be an egotistical religious zealot/fanatic with a fake smile hiding his constant want to alter peoples' personal belief system - all of which can destroy an NFL locker room as quickly as a detonated bomb.

    But according to Nolan Nawrocki, Cam Newton is the guy who might just cost some NFL general manager his job - just like another black quarterback Nawrocki mentioned, JaMarcus Russell, would have if Al Davis had not been responsible for his being drafted by Oakland.

    It is revealing that Nawrocki leaned on PFW's 33-years of existence and his own 10-years of work as a subtle indicator of his and his website's authority. 

    It is equally revealing that the names Ryan Leaf or the name Art Schlichter never left his lips. Or Jeff George, or any number of highly-touted, highly-drafted White quarterbacks who were NFL busts.

    Cam Newton cheated on an exam. No mention that this news had to be illegally released by either the University of Florida's Bursar's Department or the UF Athletic Department and, without full release of the circumstances surrounding the allegation, it is Florida that should come under NCAA scrutiny for illegally divulging a student's records. 

    Cam Newton stole a laptop. Newton says he purchased it from someone who stole it. "Others" say everything Newton himself stole it. No one has come clean with the exact circumstances of Newton's possessing the laptop. 

    Cam Newton's father might or might not have taken money from Mississippi State - boosters? Assistant coaches? As of yet, no record of a transaction or transactions have been produced. The only mention of money and football by Cecil Newton was that his son, Cecil, who payed for the Jacksonville Jaguars, had promised to provide his father with money to help get his church up to code. Instead, it is Cam Newton who is under scrutiny and "other son" Cecil, is barely, if at all mentioned in either mainstream or on Internet football blogs. 

    Then again, if you wanted to paint someone with the darkest of brushstrokes, alleging wrong-doing by a young Black man with what seems to be the brightest of futures in front of him is far juicier a story and serves a far greater purpose than getting the story right.

    Perception is reality. Allegations are fact. Smiles are fake. 
    And the ego required to be an NFL quarterback - Boomer Esiasen said on a recent ESPN-produced program about quarterbacks that, "It might sound narcissistic but [to be a great QB] it has to be all about me" - is egotistical and selfish and is a sign of being a fraud.

    JaMarcus Russell. Cam Newton. Next season it will be Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor's turn to face the glare of coded racist speak and the dredging of the mud in the hopes of finding that gem of a piece of information that might ruin Pryor's professional career before it begins.

    Good luck to all the catfish. It appears that bottom-feeding Cam Newton and JaMarcus Russell only fueled your hunger. Don't worry, with Terrelle Pryor out there you'll be able to feed again soon enough.