The Mormon Factor: How Mitt Romney's Faith Impacts His Campaign

Mitt Romney and how his religion is a factor in the presidential election

  1. Governor Mitt Romney could potentially be the first Mormon President of the United States.  What do people think about this?
  2. Romney's Mormon Faith Takes Center Stage
  3. Romney's faith has excluded African-Americans in the past.  How do blacks feel about the issue?
  4. The Mormon church did not allow African-Americans into the priesthood until 1978.
  5. "In 1978, God changed his mind about the Black people," Book of Mormon. #Romney #Obama #debates
  6. Mitt Romney on mormon racism
  7. Many evangelicals say his faith would not affect their voting.  More are apparently concerned about Obama's positions on same-sex marriage and abortion; also, it seems that evangelicals are not as concerned about religious matters in politics as was once thought.
  8. How do Mormons feel about Romney?
  9. Overall Romney's faith will influence some factors (probably the African-American votes), but to others it is secondary to the issues.