Your Brain on Email: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Email Marketing

How has our relationship with email changed and why? Email is still the #1 way to connect and convert -- but only if you know how to. Jacob Zweig, Founder of Optimail discusses how Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help us leverage our customer’s email experience.


  1. Q1: When was the last time you got excited about getting an email? Why?
  2. Q2: What kind of emails get your attention?
  3. Q3: What would you like to add/change/improve in your email strategy?
  4. Q4: How can technology helps us have more organized email communication?
  5. Q5: What are some most common email (marketing) problems that you’re facing?
  6. Q6: What are some behavioral triggers that you know to be successful?
  7. Q7: Do you use interactive elements in your email and if so what are your favorite ones?
  8. Q8: How do you build emotional connections with your customers using email?
  9. Q9: Will email ever “die out” - what could replace it?
  10. Q10: What are some important emerging trends that we should pay attention to in 2017?