1. Q1: Who are some of the people who influence your buying decisions?
  2. Q2: What should a small business (on a small budget) look for in an influencer?
  3. Q3: What is Influencer Outreach? Why is it important?
  4. Q4: Are there different ways to measure how strong an influencer is?
  5. Q5: There are lots of #Influencer Outreach tools out there, what the must have features to look for?
  6. Q6: What are the best ways to find, reach and actually talk to the best influencers in your industry?
  7. Q7: What are some “ice-breakers” that will get an influencer’s attention without being creepy?
  8. Q8: How do you become attractive to potential influencers?
  9. Q9: What are your tips for nurturing an influencer relationships?
  10. Q10: In what ways can a business whose audience isn’t on social media leverage influencers?
  11. Q11: We always say it’s NOT about the numbers, but what metrics or behaviors should you look at in choosing influencers?
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