How to Set Marketing Goals, Prioritize Opportunities and Eliminate Confusion

Every marketing plan starts with setting your marketing goals. But prioritizing marketing opportunities has gotten more confusing than ever. Follow this helpful system to keep your marketing priorities straight and achieve your marketing goals.


  1. Q1: What are some of your 2018 marketing goals?
  2. Q2: What is it that gets in the way of achieving your marketing goals?
  3. Q3: When we think of opportunities how can business balance between short-term needs and long-term goals?
  4. Q4:What’s the relationship between marketing goals and marketing opportunities?
  5. Q5: How would you go about prioritizing your marketing opportunities?
  6. Q6: What is the role of people (and new skills) in the optimization of opportunities?
  7. Q7: There is so much marketing overload! What’s the best way for #SMBs to simplify and focus?
  8. Q8: What is the best way to adopt marketing technologies?
  9. Q9: “SQUIRREL”! What are your tips for staying focused and in the face of shiny objects?
  10. Q10: What are some low-cost actions that SMBs can take right now?