An Innovative Answer to a Common Commercial Kitchen Problem

Commercial Garbage


  1. Working in a restaurant kitchen can be exciting, which is why so many people make sacrifices to do so. While the pay and benefits might not always be the best, the work itself tends to be engaging and rewarding. The bustle and activity of even an average commercial kitchen has a way of making time fly, and that can make any job within feel satisfying. On the other hand, commercial kitchens are not without their problems, and some of these seem to crop up far more frequently than they should.

    One excessively common source of trouble is the humble Commercial Garbage Disposal. Just like the residential units that so many people are familiar with, these pieces of equipment play an important role wherever they are deployed. With so much uneaten food and other solid waste moving through a commercial kitchen on any given day, a disposal that is capable of chopping it into tiny pieces would seem like a real boon.

    Unfortunately, most fall far short of this potential in practice. Although many are built to seemingly high standards and equipped with powerful motors and the like, failures and jams are common. With a Commercial Garbage Disposal Jammed for even a few minutes, work within a kitchen can nearly grind to a halt, just like the unit itself. Should a Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair be needed to address an even more significant problem, troubles of still more pressing sorts inevitably arise along the way.

    As a result, just about nobody actually feels grateful to have to rely on such a piece of equipment. One alternative that is commonly seen is to simply fit each kitchen sink drain with a strainer that catches any overly large pieces of food or the like before they flow out with the liquid waste. Unfortunately, that approach leads to problems of its own, with restaurant workers needing far too frequently to empty the strainer while still suffering with a slower-draining sink.

    Another Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative has recently been gaining traction, however. Unlike a garbage disposal, it requires no electricity and cannot break down, making it far more suitable, right from the start, to the demands typical of a busy restaurant kitchen. Unlike a standard sink strainer, it does not stop up the flow of liquid, allowing it to pass cleanly through the drain. With a simple design that only needs emptying once in a while, this approach to solving a common kitchen problem is proving to be a real advantage for many.