Ravi sentenced to 30 days in jail

Former Rutgers student convicted of spying on roommate Tyler Clementi


  1. Raw Video: Ex-Rutgers student sentenced for webcam spying - New York Post
  2. Dharun Ravi was found guilty on most counts March 16 after videotaping his gay roommate, Tyler Clementi, and male date. Charges included invasion of privacy and bias intimidation.
  3. Clementi, 18-year-old freshman at Rutgers University, jumped from the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River in an apparent suicide on Sept. 22, 2010.
  4. A full breakdown of the convictions can be found at:
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  6. Tyler Clementi: December 19, 1991 – September 22, 2010
  7. For information about how you can help with suicide prevention and anti-cyberbullying efforts, visit the Tyler Clementi Foundation website.