Working as Parents with Disabilities

  1. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Join the Disabled Parenting Project for a Twitter chat to discuss working as a parent with a disability. #DPPWorks Wednesday, October 25: at 2pm EST/11am PST Hosted by the Disabled Parenting Project @disparenting
  2. We are looking forward to next week's Twitter chat about working parents with #disabilities!  http://ow.ly/Ua0y30fVZ5M  #DPPWorks #NDEAM
  3. Welcome to today’s Twitter chat! The focus of the #DPPWorks Twitter chat is to discuss working as a parent with a disability. #NDEAM
  4. Being a working parent is hard and working as a parent w/ a #disability poses some unique experiences. #DPPWorks
  5. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month #NDEAM and to celebrate, we want to learn about parent experiences. #DPPWorks
  6. Today’s chat is open to parents with disabilities as well as prospective parents with disabilities. We also welcome organizations. #DPPWorks
  7. Twitter chats hosted by @disparenting follow the Q1 or Question 1 format followed by Answer 1 or A1, as in... #DPPWorks
  8. For example, Q1. What time does the #DPPWorks Twitter chat begin? A1. Right now! Are you ready? #DPPWorks
  9. Happy to be tweeting with @disparenting for today's working disabled parent chat. #DPPWorks
  10. Let's start with introductions. Who's participating in today's chat? #DPPWorks #NDEAM
  11. @disparenting .@SocialSecurity’s #TicketToWork program provides employment supports for people 18-64 who receive SSI/SSDI and want to work. #DPPWorks
  12. I'm Kara, co-founder of @disparenting , mom of 3 (7months, 7, and 10) Associate Dir at @UCUcedd I have OI and use a wheelchair. #DPPWorks
  13. @disparenting Tim from @AbleThrive here. We are a digital content platform in #SanFransisco dedicated to helping #PWD thrive Excited to be here #DPPWorks
  14. The Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) is excited to be joining today's chat! #DPPWorks
  15. The CDE encourages employers & others to recognize the value & talent people with disabilities bring to the workplace. #DPPWorks
  16. I am excited for my daughter to be at my side when I go back to do disability advocacy work! #DPPWorks
  17. @lauralovesian1 Yay! So glad you could join us so soon after having your sweet baby. #DPPWorks
  18. Let’s begin… Q1: What makes you a working parent? Share what you do for work. It might be paid or volunteer. #DPPWorks
  19. My name is Ivanova Smith! I am new DD parent. My daughter Alexandra was born Oct 20, 2017! #DPPWorks https://t.co/TX6sCsv2A7
    My name is Ivanova Smith! I am new DD parent. My daughter Alexandra was born Oct 20, 2017! #DPPWorks pic.twitter.com/TX6sCsv2A7
  20. @TEABrzezinski Welcome! So glad you could join us today. I'm wearing two hats as well! There's some great work by CILS being done on parenting #DPPWorks
  21. @disparenting My name is Kelly and I’m a working mom with 3 year old and a 7 week old #DPPWorks
  22. I do disability civil rights work! I am passionate about disabled parents persntal rights! #DPPWorks
  23. Here's our family. My husband and our son also have disabilities. Balancing work and family can be challenging but rewarding. #DPPWorks https://t.co/KR7P3HhRw5
    Here's our family. My husband and our son also have disabilities. Balancing work and family can be challenging but rewarding. #DPPWorks pic.twitter.com/KR7P3HhRw5
  24. Learning how to care for my duaghter been a adventure! I am thankful I been given three month parental leave. #DPPWorks
  25. Let’s begin… Q1: What makes you a working parent? Share what you do for work. It might be paid or volunteer #DPPWorks
  26. A1: At @UCUcedd I work on disability policy. I also teach and do research. My job is different every day and I love that. #DPPWorks
  27. Q2: How do you balance working and parenthood as a parent with a disability? #DPPWorks
  28. @disparenting A1. I'm the Director of Planning and Public Policy for LICIL on Long Island. I'm full-time and wear many hats. I love hats! #DPPWorks
  29. A1: I am also a psychologist but my current job gives me more flexibility than seeing patients. That was harder to juggle w kids #DPPWorks
  30. One thing that may be challenge is traveling with my Daughter on public transit because I can’t drive. #DPPWorks
  31. A2: Building a support system helps me balance. My husband now works part-time so he can be home w our infant. #DPPWorks
  32. @disparenting A2: I try to spend all the time I can with my girls as soon as I get home from work. Even if that means something takes back seat #DPPWorks
  33. A1. Although I'm not a parent yet, I do have #CP and manage communications for @AbleThrive! #DPPWorks
  34. Also I am concerned about her getting sick on public transit she being newborn she more at risk. #DPPworks
  35. A2: I try my best to keep evenings and weekends work-free. Little things: I give my baby's first and last bottle of day. #DPPWorks
  36. #DPPWORKS A 2 I think balancing work and parenting is hard for all parents! Don't think blindness is a barrier for me.
  37. @disparenting A2. Making a plan & asking for help can help you find balance and manage stress. Learn more:  http://bit.ly/2gxgyRT  #DPPWorks
  38. @lauralovesian1 Transportation challenges become even harder with parenthood. I know you all will find a way or make a way! #DPPWorks
  39. @AbleThrive .We are thankful to hear the voice of those considering parenthood or supporting parents too! #inthistogether #DPPWorks
  40. @disparenting Also I not sure how breastfeeding going work when I am at the legislature! I do public testimony on different bills #DPPWorks
  41. A2 Work life balance is hard, but flexible employers are a plus. in addition to having a supportive community #DPPWorks
  42. Q3: Many parents with disabilities have had trouble finding accessible and affordable childcare. Tell us about your experience. #DPPWorks
  43. @AbleThrive .I've recently heard the term "tilt" instead of balance and like the idea that we move in and out what needs attention most. #DPPWorks
  44. @DrKaraAyers Indeed! I just make sure to protect her from disease. That why it important to get vaccinated! #DPPWorks
  45. That is a great point! #Breastfeeding is difficult for working parents and sometimes even more for those with disabilities. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/lauralovesian1/status/923251984253235200 
  46. @disparenting I keep saying I'm going to do the cook multiple meals at once thing... It just makes sense, right? #DPPWorks
  47. We are happily participating in the live chat about parents with disabilities who work. #DPPWorks
  48. A3: It was difficult to find an in-home sitter for our first daughter whose house was accessible. We placed our own ad and found 1 #DPPWorks
  49. A3: I considered accessibility of things like doors and parking lots when we needed preschool and childcare combined. #DPPWorks
  50. @disparenting My daughter is now sleeping on my chest quite contant! I am so proud of her! #DPPWorks
  51. @disparenting Daycare is very expensive and many providers don’t understand my physical situation so my husband takes care of drop off and pu #dppworks
  52. @disparenting A3: Finding childcare on bus routes or in small communities was the most challenging for us. Finding nut-free was even harder. #DPPWorks
  53. A3: It has also worked for me to try to find childcare that will either come outside for pickup/drop off or come to my house. #DPPWorks
  54. @disparenting I am autistic and usually struggle with eye contact. It not been painful looking at her eyes. She so cute. #DPPWorks
  55. A3 We were so lucky! Found fantastic in home day care we could afford in walking distance of our house! #DPPWORKS
  56. @TEABrzezinski @disparenting I know-it's on my list too! That and prepping kid snacks in advance. Anything in batches and anything in advance helps. #DPPWorks
  57. @Angellissa Wow that's awesome. Our hard search was worth it because once we found someone, she was great! #DPPWorks
  58. @lauralovesian1 @disparenting That is beautiful. Your love for her is so clear-even through pictures! #DPPWorks
  59. @disparenting Headstart/Ecap was our best solution when my children were smaller, but the hours were extremely limited. #DPPWorks
  60. @disparenting My son is 5 now but I was fortunate to have family that owns childcare centers #DPPWorks
  61. A3 Finding childcare is always tough, but can often be reminded by reaching out to those closest to you for supporty #DPPWorks
  62. Q4: Disability & parenting can create need for flexibility in workplace? Do you have accommodations at work relate to parenting? #DPPWorks
  63. @DrKaraAyers I found differculties with that as will! I can’t get support services due to not having access to Medicaid #DPPworks
  64. @disparenting A3: I am not wheelchair bound and my 3 year old is strong and stubborn but I can not chase her or carry her and her stuff #dppworks
  65. A3: When a child also has a disability it gets even more complicated! Once you screen for all these, you sometimes find a gem! #DPPWorks
  66. @DrKaraAyers Natural supports have been very needed for me. We need to get rid of marriage penalty #DPPWorks
  67. Better supports (both within and beyond Medicaid) would allow more parents with disabilities to get back to or to work. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/lauralovesian1/status/923253741297348608 
  68. Better supports (both within and beyond Medicaid) would allow more parents with disabilities to get back to or to work. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/lauralovesian1/status/923253741297348608 
  69. @disparenting One of our core services is peer support. This can help with balancing. #DPPWorks
  70. A4: I need scheduling flexibility to fit in med appointments. I sometimes work from home-which can help with pain. #DPPWorks
  71. @disparenting A4: I chose to go back to school to be retrained. I now primarily work from home, unless I am on the road. #DPPWorks
  72. I also need to figure how to get support for when I need to travel for my work. Especially because I am breastfeeding #DPPWorks
  73. @disparenting A4. Working from home may offer you the flexibility and accessibility you need to work and be a parent.  http://bit.ly/2vJ7rju  #DPPWorks
  74. A4: It's complicated because some flexibility I need for parenting I also need for my disability. So it can feel I need 2 much. #DPPWorks
  75. @disparenting Not being wheelchair bound make others assume I can do things I can’t especially when it comes to my daughter #dppworks
  76. A.3 I was fortunate to have my parents' help when my little guy was an infant. Got a bit more complicated after that. #dppworks
  77. @DrKaraAyers It's always been a goal for me. i'm grateful for conversations like these. they offer a wealth of advice for future parents #DPPWorks
  78. @DrKaraAyers If my daughter turn out to be disabled I love her just the same! I teach her disability pride! #DPPworks
  79. @KellyJolynn @disparenting It's also sometimes hard to communicate that when there's something you do need help with-or it is for me! #DPPWorks
  80. @disparenting Learning to set reasonable boundaries is key to balancing all aspects of life. Our IL specialists can assist with this. #DPPWorks
  81. A.4 Working from home and flex hours has made a great difference for me. #dppworks
  82. Q5: What tips or strategies have you used to balance appointments (for you or your kids) with working? #DPPWorks
  83. @Empower_TN @disparenting That is a great point. I can't run out of all energy reserves Fri afternoon anymore. My kids need and deserve me too. #DPPWorks
  84. @DrKaraAyers I am glad my mother plans to care for Alexandra when I go back to UW LEND! #DPPWorks
  85. A5: I try to both space them out (for different people/appts) and also combine what I can (same ppl, same hospital, etc.). #DPPWorks
  86. @disparenting A4: time off can become an issue. I use almost time on myself for medical and appts that it makes it hard to take time off for kid #dppworks
  87. Would I take my daughter go with me? Would that be allowed? I hope so! #DPPworks
  88. @disparenting Affordable and accessible child care is a common challenge for parents with disabilities, and all parents. #DPPWorks
  89. @DrKaraAyers Indeed! I am excited to so her the work I do and all my epic disabled friends. She learn what true inclusion means at early age! #DPPWorks
  90. A4 Everyone at @AbleThrive is connected to #disability The flexibility of remote work allows for priorities to tilt when needed #DPPWorks
  91. A5: A little controversial: I also take back power of what follow-ups we need. I don't put things off but I don't over medicalize #DPPWorks
  92. A5. My little guy is 6 and there's more going on now than ever. I try for Sat. appts. or evenings, if possible. #dppworks
  93. A5: I should add context from that last tweet that our family had more than 85 appointments last year so we see plenty of doctors! #DPPWorks
  94. @TEABrzezinski I really appreciate it when clinics offer these appointment slots. #DPPWorks
  95. @disparenting I rely on Google Calendars to organize everyone. I color code each person in the house and have reminders set for appointments. #DPPWorks
  96. Q6: If you’ve ever reentered the workforce-either after having a child or after disability-what was it like? #DPPWorks
  97. by connected i mean disabled family members, self or spouses #DPPWorks
  98. A6: I've come back after birth, adoption, and recently due to breaking my hip. All are hardest when you first come back. #DPPWorks
  99. @disparenting A6: In a nutshell- challenging! I work less hours, have to get creative with my schedule, self-employment (a.k.a. low-employment). #DPPWorks
  100. This is a common challenge for parents with disabilities, and for parents of children with disabilities. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/923252160808316934 
  101. @DrKaraAyers Now my daughter and I getting ready for a dr appointment! I am glad my husband was able get some time off to help me! #DPPworks
  102. Q7: What advice would you give to disabled parents who are considering working? #DPPWorks #NDEAM
  103. @DrKaraAyers Similar situations.. I start questioning if what I do at work serves any great purpose & I worry if I seem less dependable #dppworks
  104. @DrKaraAyers It was so hard to avoid that general feeling of being just consumed by everything. #DPPWorks
  105. @disparenting A6. Robert wanted to set a good example for his kids & return to work. #TicketToWork supported his goals. #DPPWorks  http://bit.ly/2rOPqhN 
  106. A7 Whether to work or not after having a child is an extremely personal decision! Go with your gut! #DPPWORKS
  107. @disparenting Q7: only do it if you have to and make sure do something you love or that gives you purpose #dppworks
  108. A6. I will say that getting the job that I have was very difficult. Getting rejected for unknown reasons with a masters degree #DPPWorks
  109. A6. Next week, our blog will discuss tips for returning to work with a disability. Subscribe to our blog:  http://bit.ly/SubscribeCW  #DPPWorks
  110. @disparenting A7: Adjust your expectations: hours, financial, support, benefits, etc. Schedule time for your self. And I mean schedule it! #DPPWorks
  111. Q7. Have a plan before you start, but be prepared to make constant adjustments #dppworks
  112. specifically, though i would imagine that it would involve a lot of re prioritization #DPPWorks
  113. A7: Kids also benefit in unique ways from working parents. I encourage parents who want to work to go for it. #DPPWorks
  114. @disparenting A7. For parents w/ disabilities ages 18-64 who receive SSI/SSDI, #TicketToWork may help with work goals.  http://bit.ly/TTWBen  #DPPWorks
  115. If you want to work you will find a way to make everything fit together. #DPPWORKS a7
  116. Q8: If others support your parenting, how do you divide parenting duties? Who supports you? #DPPWorks
  117. Q7. If it's in your heart to work, do it! There's always a solution to the wrinkles we may encounter. #dppworks
  118. Working with a disability and being a parent can add stress but it can make you feel important. No matter the job - $ supports fam #DPPWorks
  119. @disparenting We are a family friendly environment and accommodate the need for flexibility for working parents. #DPPWorks
  120. A7. Attend a #WISEwebinar to learn about resources & Work Incentives. Today's WISE starts in 15 min!  http://bit.ly/WISEregister  #DPPWorks
  121. @disparenting A8: I am a single parent. Luckily I have a great best friend who has pitched in when I really needed it, now an older son too. #DPPWorks
  122. A7 Going back to work is tough for parents regardless of ability Planning, prioritizing, and understnding are essential to success #DPPWorks
  123. A8: My hubby is awesome help around the house & w/ kids. I communicate my struggles & we divide & conquer. Realistic expectations #DPPWorks
  124. #passionateabout RT @lauralovesian1: I do disability civil rights work! I am passionate about disabled parents persntal rights! #DPPWorks
  125. Q8. My husband and I share parenting responsibilities. He does tasks that require chasing and running and I do the other stuff #dppworks
  126. We have things like employer paid health insurance, flex time, paid time off, & compensated travel expenses. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/923253696888213504 
  127. Q9: Tell us about a parenting or work-related success you’ve experienced as a disabled parent? #DPPWorks
  128. Thank God, Hubby has always been very "hands-on". I do feel like I miss out on some things b/c of phys, dis #dppworks
  129. My husband and many great friends. So important to have a village to help raise kids! a8 #DPPWorks
  130. #dppworks although I have not figured out how to give him a break and keep the kids by myself
  131. A8 Family members, friends, make sure there's a system in place. Again, sticky notes and calendars #DPPWorks
  132. Our "Who I Am" PSA features parents (and grandparents) with disabilities!  http://bit.ly/1Oo6wvo  #DPPWorks
  133. Q9. My work has given me the oppty to encourage and cheer on other disabled parents. LOVE that! #dppworks
  134. @disparenting A9: Taking a break and having to clear the dining room table covered in homework for myself and my two kids was my highlight. #DPPWorks
  135. A9. Currently babysitting my 2 year old nephew while participating in the chat #littlevictories #DPPWorks
  136. A9: I’m doing it! That’s success enough I think. #DPPWorks
  137. a9 All 3 of my kids are doing well in school, are involved in sports and other activities, and care about others #DPPWorks
  138. Q10: Last question. What do your children think of your work? If they don’t have opinion, what do you hope they will think of it? #DPPWorks
  139. TY for the engaging conversation! This officially concludes the chat. But you can still respond using #DPPWorks
  140. We hope those who could not participate right now will still add their perspectives! #DPPWorks #NDEAM
  141. This would be a great peer support group discussion topic. Most individuals could benefit from improved time management skills. #DPPWorks  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/923255359216783360 
  142. A10: Of course I hope they are proud of me and that it makes them want to work hard. #DPPWorks
  143. a9 I am proud of my kids as a parent. Think we are doing a good enough job for now! #DPPWORKS
  144. Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month to all of the working parents with disabilities out there! #NDEAM #DPPWorks
  145. @disparenting A10: My son said, "You made all the things you love come together: writing, photography, travel, advocacy... How cool!" #DPPWorks
  146. A10 Assuming i'm in the same field, "Daddy helps people like himself do cool things". #wishfulthinking #DPPWorks
  147. @disparenting We utilize Google calendar in our office. We encourage open communication to foster understanding. #DPPWorks
  148. A10. I hope my boy will come to recognize PWD as confident, influential & down-right bad-ass! I think he's already catching on! #dppworks
  149. @disparenting Thank you for hosting this great event and bring us all together! #DPPWorks
  150. Thanks @disparenting and all the fab parents and parents-to-be! Let's stay connected! #dppworks
  151. @disparenting Thank you for having me. I hope my contributions were helpful. I learned so much! Hope to participate again soon! #DPPWorks
  152. @disparenting thank you for hosting this! I have always felt like I was on an island. Great to hear others share experiences #DPPWORKS
  153. @disparenting CILs are required to employee at least 51% #PWD.WeAreProudThatWeFarExceedTheMinimumRequirement. #DPPWorks
  154. @disparenting We help connect people to appropriate supports. We assist #PWD recognize, build, and maintain proper supports. #DPPWorks
  155. @disparenting Go for it, but be prepared. Contact your local Center for Independent living so they may assist you through the process. #DPPWorks
  156. @disparenting The majority of our employees are #PWD and thus can relate to the challenges & triumphs of being a worker with a disability. #DPPWorks
  157. @disparenting Thank you for hosting. I apologize I couldn’t stay for the entire conversation. 2p on the East Coast is close to school pickup #DPPWorks
  158. @disparenting A6: Challenging but I needed to set an example for my son that becoming disabled need not stop you from achieving goals. #DPPWorks
  159. @DrKaraAyers I worry I be seen that way. This first time taking 3 months of leave. I hope I don’t lose my identity as an activist #DPPworks
  160. @DrKaraAyers Interesting sense Alexandra was born we had go to lots of doctors appIt been exhausting. I fear we get trouble if didnt go #DPPworks
  161. @KellyJolynn @disparenting I fear people feel same way about me. I need help because I can’t multitask. It seems there lots of multitasking with having baby. #DPPworks
  162. @disparenting I hope it inspires daughter to fight for disability rights and promote inclusion at her school! #DPPWorks
  163. @lauralovesian1 @disparenting That’s for sure! I’m not sure how to talk about my disabilities or challenges w/o it being awkward or seem like I’m wanting pity #DPPWorks