Celebrating Mothers with Disabilities #DPPMomsDay

In honor of Mother's Day

  1. Twitter chats hosted by @disparenting follow the Q1 or Question 1 format followed by Answer 1 or A1, as in... #DPPMomsDay #DPPMomsDay
  2. The focus of the #DPPMomsDay Twitter chat is to celebrate mothers with disabilities. Next month, we will celebrate fathers.
  3. Panelist: @drerinandrews Proud disabled woman, advocate, & scholar. Board certified rehabilitation psychologist. Mommy & wife. #DPPMomsDay
  4. Panelist: @DrKaraAyers Assoc Dir of @UCUcedd, co-founder of @disparenting, proud mom & wife with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. #DPPMomsDay
  5. Panelist: @RebeccaCokley Exec Dir of @NatCounDis Long time advocate. Raised by disabled mom, now one herself. #DPPMomsDay
  6. Panelist: @hwatkins927 From Boston born w/ Muscular Dystrophy, cane-user, mother of college student, chocolate lover #DPPMomsDay
  7. Panelist: Psychotherapist and mother of two toddlers, Holly Bonner chronicles her adventures @BlindMotherhood #DPPMomsDay
  8. Panelist: @sarahkovac Public speaker, journalist, award-winning author, wife and proud mother of two. #DPPMomsDay
  9. Panelist: @lbrillhart2 Mother and member of The Association for Successful Parenting #DPPMomsDay
  10. Hi everyone-thanks for taking a moment out of your day to join us. This should be great! #DPPMomsDay
  11. Hi everyone! Joining the #DPPMomsDay Twitter chat now along with my mom, @ladau_ellen!
  12. Let’s begin… Q1. What are the biggest challenges facing mothers with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  13. @disparenting I'm Erin:disabled woman w/Muscular Dystrophy. Easterseals Thrive is an online community for women w/ disabilities #DPPMomsDay
  14. @disparenting A1: Finding in-home support, fear of losing children because of negative assumptions, financial security + more #DPPMomsDay
  15. A1: Mothers with disabilities face societal stigma and sometimes isolation from peers (other disabled moms). #DPPMomsDay
  16. A1: Attitudes are biggest barrier. Assumptions that disability means inability 2 b a mother or effectively care 4/raise kids #DPPMomsDay
  17. A1: My biggest challenge has always been transportation since I am a non-driver #DPPMomsDay
  18. A1: I think the biggest challenge facing moms with disabilities is a lack of readily available resources to assist and support. #DPPMomsDay
  19. A1 -Finding a support network, adaptive equipment, sensitive medical personnel #DPPMomsDay
  20. .@ladau_ellen That is such a great point. These "other" areas of much-needed advocacy impact parents in a BIG way. #DPPMomsDay
  21. Ignorance. People can't grasp the idea that a disabled woman can be a competent parent. #DPPMomsDay
  22. A1: I think there's a lack of understanding from others. People assume we need/want help, and that can get pretty intrusive #DPPMomsDay
  23. .@BlindMotherhood We definitely need MORE and diverse examples of disabled parents to combat this. #DPPMomsDay
  24. A1: The low expectations of society & lack of strong roll models w/ disabilities who can serve as mentors. #dppmomsday
  25. Teaching my mom, @ladau_ellen, how to Twitter chat during the #DPPMomsDay chat! This is fun!
  26. I don't want to be someone's inspiration. I want to be their reminder that it can be done effectively. #DPPMomsDay
  27. Q2. What supports or services are most helpful to mothers with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  28. @disparenting Happy to have found this conversation! Hope of not too late to join in. #DPPMomsDay
  29. A1: The low expectations of society & lack of strong roll models w/ disabilities who can serve as mentors. #dppmomsday
  30. I'm Melissa Riccobono. Blind mom of 3, and involved with new Blind Parent Initiative @NFB_voice #dppmomsday
  31. A1: having their right to be a woman and mother respected #DPPMomsDay
  32. @hwatkins927 @sarahkovac Sometimes unwanted help can be downright dangerous to you and your children. #DPPMomsDay
  33. A1: When other moms mess up they blog, when disabled moms do, they fear having CPS take their children #DPPMomsDay
  34. @disparenting A2: In-home assistance, affordable care (true w/ any parent), financial support w/out fear of losing benefits #DPPMomsDay
  35. A2. It depends on your disability. As a blind mom I get support and in home training from the Ny commission for the blind #DPPMomsDay
  36. A2: my biggest support has been from other moms with dwarfism. peer support/mentoring is critical. #DPPMomsDay
  37. @DrKaraAyers @sarahkovac So true especially when you already have a system/routine and it is overruled or dismissed. #DPPMomsDay
  38. a1: Since moms with disabilities do things differently, we are at risk of losing our kids if well meaning strangers get worried #DPPMomsDay
  39. A2: Natural supports often come from an integrated, inclusive community. These helps all families. #DPPMomsDay
  40. A2: We have a listserve 4 parents @  http://nfbnet.org ; just launched  http://blindparents.org  w/mentoring program available #dppmomsday
  41. A2: We also MUST have better policies. Parenting is an ADL and caregivers should be able to support. #DPPMomsDay
  42. A2: When Emily was younger I got support from her special needspreschool mom's group. less support as she mainstreamed #DPPMomsDay
  43. A2: In addition to financial and physical, I believe the most important supports are emotional - a group of people who "get it." #DPPMomsDay
  44. Q2: Any service that can listen to what the mother thinks she needs rather than dictating her needs for her. Hard to find. #DPPMomsDay
  45. A2: having a post-delivery nurse who "got me" was impt. I actually asked to have the same nurse with my 2nd c-sect. as my 1st. #DPPMomsDay
  46. A2 -Support groups of other disabled mothers for relatability, swapping tips/resources/best practices/sharing frustrations! #DPPMomsDay
  47. Q3. What supports or services would be most useful but are not available? #DPPMomsDay
  48. @disparenting A2 Peer support is crucial. Disabled moms need access to same supports and connections nondisabled moms have! #DPPMomsDay
  49. A3: it'd be fabu to have a company that modified equipment. I've seen directions but I'm not able to do crib mods myself. #DPPMomsDay
  50. Luv this, so true. Can b hard to find. I rly wanted 2 find amputee mom w/ VBAC exp for my 2nd preg #dppmomsday  https://twitter.com/RebeccaCokley/status/727562397104361473 
  51. @disparenting #DPPMomsDay I would love to have some support to help extended family aka pain in the neck in laws to understand my parenting
  52. @BlindMotherhood @disparenting i had to disassociate with some family members who considered me irresponsible for having kids. #DPPMomsDay
  53. A3: We need adapted parenting equip made to scale (and not medical). The 1 stroller/1 mom stories make the news but we need more #DPPMomsDay
  54. A3: checklists for daycares/pre-schools on how to be physically and attitudinally accessible for disabled parents. #DPPMomsDay
  55. A3 -Not aware of Lamaze classes for disabled pregnant mothers, aftercare/homecare w/ disabled providers as part of team. #DPPMomsDay
  56. A3: Would love more resources on prospective disabled parents so I can learn about the experience when considering pregnancy. #DPPMomsDay
  57. It finally came to a point where I had to say to some friends and family "I'm the mother." The c section scar wasn't enough #DPPMomsDay
  58. A1 #DPPMomsDay Not knowing if something is challenging because of #disability or just because parenting is hard in general.
  59. A3: better informed social services and medical systems that don't equate disability with inability to parent. #DPPMomsDay
  60. @Nice_White_Lady That's a great point. Disabled parents often don't get the benefit of the doubt or empathy-parenting is hard. #DPPMomsDay
  61. Need accessible childcare; I mean universally designed #dppmomsday
  62. @emily_ladau Yes! The parenting movement should be more inclusive. We are more than just ppl who are currently parenting. #DPPMomsDay
  63. A3: nationwide maternity/paternity leave. it's an issue that definitely impacts parents with disabilities. #DPPMomsDay
  64. I actually felt isolated from the PTA clique at Emily's school. #DPPMomsDay
  65. A2 I have my spouse. I have my #spoonie buddies on Twitter. I don't know of any local places that offer actual, practical help. #DPPMomsDay
  66. @RebeccaCokley @drerinandrews So many issues like this that we intersect with nondisabled moms but we need a voice at all tables #DPPMomsDay
  67. @DrKaraAyers This is so key! And it needs to be affordable so the huge number of disabled moms living in poverty can access. #DPPMomsDay
  68. Also some good documentaries showing everyday life of disabled parents without sensationalism. @NFB_voice #DPPMOMSDAY
  69. @disparenting #DPPMomsDay parenting is as hard as it gets. The motherhood thing is the real deal. The struggle is real. Lol
  70. @DrKaraAyers @drerinandrews I have to give @MomsRising props. They've been stellar about including moms with disabilities. #DPPMomsDay
  71. Q4. How do children benefit from having mothers with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  72. Mainstream Parent Teacher Association wasn't welcoming of disability since they had sports to bond over #DPPMomsDay  https://twitter.com/ladau_ellen/status/727565132965023744 
  73. A4: I think I grew up with a way more healthy body image than my lp friends with avg. height moms. #DPPMomsDay
  74. A4: I have about a zillion answers, but I'm sort of an exceptional case because both my mom and I have disabilities. #DPPMomsDay
  75. A3 #DPPMomsDay I need ongoing household help. I can't "clean up" for a tradition housecleaning service. Kids bring home 8 million papers.
  76. A4: Well my 5 y.o. daughter would summarize that my lap can move:) #DPPMomsDay
  77. Q4: My kindergartener has learned so much about empathy. He has a deep understanding that everyone brings different strengths #DPPMomsDay
  78. A4: i think my kids friends gain a lot from seeing an adult with the same disability my kids have. changes perception #DPPMomsDay
  79. A4: Our kids benefit from the creativity, problem-solving, and concern for social justice that we model. #DPPMomsDay
  80. A3: better informed social services and medical systems that don't equate disability with inability to parent. #DPPMomsDay
  81. A4 Benefit from having a disabled mom typically bc she thinks outside the box & have to parent even more mindfully/methodically. #DPPMomsDay
  82. @disparenting A4: Moms w/ disabilities are all different. But it can make child more open & accepting of disability & diversity #DPPMomsDay
  83. A4 cont: My mom taught me how to advocate for myself, how to handle ins and outs of life with a disability. She's my role model. #DPPMomsDay
  84. Q4: My kids know their mom is not invincible and we are a team. We have to work together to keep our home functioning. #DPPMomsDay
  85. A3 #DPPMomsDay Kid friendly waiting rooms. I'm sick of getting the evil eye from receptionists. I don't have a magical babysitter.
  86. @disparenting I have learned to teach my teenage daughter more about being acceptable and accepting to people with disabilities #DPPMomsDay
  87. A4: I try and go on field trips with my son's class. now i've become just "another mom" which is cool. #DPPMomsDay
  88. Q5. What is your state doing to end discrimination against parents with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  89. @DrKaraAyers i agree. Jackson regularly tells us our next house needs to be more accessible for our friends. #DPPMomsDay
  90. A4 I wasn't born disabled. I became blind after cancer. My daughters will know when life gets complicated you must persevere. #DPPMomsDay
  91. @disparenting Q4 Having a disabled parent made our family a strong unit- we approached obstacles as a team. #DPPMomsDay
  92. A4: I have one child w/ disability and one without but both feel members of and benefit from disability culture. #DPPMomsDay
  93. A4: My son has the vocabulary to talk with confidence and respect about physical differences. That is a gift! #DPPMomsDay
  94. A5: When i moved to DC in 2005 i started a network for young professionals. Now I'm thinking of starting one for disabled moms. #DPPMomsDay
  95. A5: In Ohio, @UCUcedd works on a number of parenting issues and would love to be part of a grassroots effort to change policy. #DPPMomsDay
  96. A4 My parenting choices were very carefully considered and concentrated more on building bond and daughter's emotional IQ. #DPPMomsDay
  97. Also we walk a lot more places because my husband and I cannot drive. My kids like walking. And walking is healthy! #dppmomsday
  98. A4: i think seeing moms "accomodate" destigmatizes disability for kids. #DPPMomsDay
  99. A4 #DPPMomsDay Hopefully the benefit of a more diverse worldview. They're also learning to be self-sufficient.
  100. @hwatkins927 Yes-my disability has made me a much more intentional person and parent. I'm thankful. #oipride #DPPMomsDay
  101. A5: I'm honestly not sure how NY is working on behalf of parents with disabilities. Wish that was publicized more. #DPPMomsDay
  102. A4: My mom was open about the ableism she'd face. It taught me that there's power in naming and calling out oppression. #DPPMomsDay
  103. @disparenting I don't honestly know what Ohio is doing!@DrKaraAyers might know #DPPMomsDay
  104. A4: Yes, our children learned from a young age that their parents have disabilities. But they did not learn that, in the #DPPMomsDay
  105. A5 – In MA Bill H.1379 "An Act prohibiting discrimination against adults w/disabilities in family& juvenile court proceedings." #DPPMomsDay
  106. Q5a. What do you wish your state was doing to end discrimination against parents with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  107. A5: We are working with states across the country to end discrimination against parents with disabilities. #dppmomsday
  108. @NFB_voice are there ways other disability groups can engage with you on this? bolster/build support? #DPPMomsDay
  109. MD just passed a strong antidiscrimination law for disabled parents. @NFB_voice #DPPMOMSDAY
  110. A5a: Training more judges, social workers, & medical professionals that disabled parents are capable. #dppmomsday
  111. Q4: Obtaining cooperation from my kids is a huge focus. I can't just wrestle them into doing what I want. #DPPMomsDay
  112. A5. I have no idea what NY state is doing. I am currently more in tune with the 5 boroughs in the city - not much." #dppmomsday
  113. @disparenting A5a Letting them know everyone belongs in the communities! And accepting us not even states Cities! #DPPMomsDay
  114. Q6. What adaptive parenting techniques do you use to take care of your children? #DPPMomsDay
  115. A4: yeah it's hard when our kids know what we can/can't do and use it to their advantage. #DPPMomsDay
  116. @disparenting A5a Well, I wish ALL states were enforcing disabled parents' rights since it's covered under the ADA... #DPPMomsDay
  117. @sarahkovac And some ppl assume that without physical coercion you can't discipline. Child dev research tells us otherwise. #DPPMomsDay
  118. A6: I gave up changing tables and change my kids on the floor. #DPPMomsDay
  119. @disparenting @RebeccaCokley absolutely! we know blindness but we'd love to work w/other groups. email parenting@nfb.org #dppmomsday
  120. A6: I bought a specific type of car based on what I could get a baby carrier in and out of. #DPPMomsDay
  121. A6: We have no family support here, so we lean on daycare teachers we have trust with as babysitters. #DPPMomsDay
  122. A4: eyes of most people, their parents are "different" or even "unfortunate." Seeing a wheelchair, a braille book, unfocused #DPPMomsDay
  123. @disparenting Nothing adaptive but remembering to stand up for them and there rights and accepting them! #DPPMomsDay
  124. A6 Bells on shoes when I'm out to hear my children. This way I can follow them. #DPPMomsDay
  125. A6: Our house is dual adapted (most easy things) to make our kids as independent as possible and us. #DPPMomsDay
  126. A6: bells on shoes, talking thermometers, print/Braille books, tactile medicine dispensers, & much more. #dppmomsday
  127. A6: My SO and I take our kids w/ us everywhere after work hrs. Even in the #DisCO ppl aren't used to seeing families. #DPPMomsDay
  128. A6: I use my wheelchair footrests as a car seat holder/stroller #DPPMomsDay
  129. A4: unfocused eyes or an assymetrical body is commonplace for our kids. And we think that makes them very fortunate people. #DPPMomsDay
  130. @BlindMotherhood When I'd go shopping w/my mom (couldn't see her over clothing racks) I'd listen for the sound of her keys. :) #DPPMomsDay
  131. a6: More emotional than physical but we now ask to read a book to our kids' classes so they have support answering kids ?s. #DPPMomsDay
  132. @drerinandrews i used to ride on the back of my dad's chair when I was younger. :) #DPPMomsDay
  133. Q7. Where do you go to get information on parenting with a disability? #DPPMomsDay
  134. A5a: Training more judges, social workers, & medical professionals that disabled parents are capable. #dppmomsday
  135. disparenting rebeccacokley absolutely! we know blindness but we'd love to work w/other groups. email  http://parentingnfb.org  #dppmomsday
  136. A5: We are working with states across the country to end discrimination against parents with disabilities. #dppmomsday
  137. A6: bells on shoes, talking thermometers, print/Braille books, tactile medicine dispensers, & much more. #dppmomsday
  138. @RebeccaCokley @drerinandrews a5: Yes the footplate of my husbands' and my chair is like a traveling stool for both kids. #DPPMomsDay
  139. A6: Take a seat out of the van's middle row to make room to move around. #DPPMomsDay
  140. A6: My mom and I have gotten pretty crafty with certain things like using household items to make our lives easier. #DPPMomsDay
  141. Emily and I have adjusted how we do things as mostly my abilities have changed over the years. Lots of reachers! #DPPMomsDay
  142. A7: I have a tight knit mom crew that I talk to daily. I also talk to trusted teachers who are able to think outside the box #DPPMomsDay
  143. .@RebeccaCokley @BlindMotherhood A6: We tap our wedding ring on the wheelchair rim. Both kids respond even in big, loud places. #DPPMomsDay
  144. A6 – When daughter was a baby, “floor time” was done from the bed-easier 4 me to rise from. #DPPMomsDay.
  145. A7 –Fortunately now there are online resources/disabled parents groups bc when my daughter was younger was hard to find any. #DPPMomsDay
  146. Q8. What natural or informal supports (if any) benefit your parenting? This could include family, friends, neighbors, etc. #DPPMomsDay
  147. A7: I go to other members of the disabled community who are supportive-some moms some not. #DPPMomsDay
  148. @disparenting A7. I found few bloggers, but mostly I felt like I was writing my own rules. #DPPMomsDay
  149. A8: having a supportive boss helps. Both of my last two bosses were disabled dads. I never had to deal with the judgement drama. #DPPMomsDay
  150. @disparenting A8. I had a great playgroup. A strong village is key. My Mom who always said I could do it all. #DPPMomsDay
  151. A8: We have great trade offs with other busy parents. We pick up their kids, they help occasionally with house repair stuff. #DPPMomsDay
  152. @disparenting Q5a. CA-based Through the Looking Glass has a national Legal Prgm 4 parents w disabilities #DPPMomsDay  http://bit.ly/1W71dVx 
  153. A7: My husband and parents are great because they are there when I need them but won't force help on me. #DPPMomsDay
  154. BTW kitchen tongs make great reachers for small things like the ice cubes always falling on the floor #DPPMomsDay
  155. A8 My older sister is blind and she has been an amazing support to me. #dppmomsday
  156. A8: I also recruit family and friends to give my daughter experiences she's wanted that aren't accessible to me (ice skating). #DPPMomsDay
  157. A8 –Family, friends and now other moms with disabilities, love the learning exchange! #DPPMomsDay
  158. Wish my mom had a Twitter. She would slay #DPPMomsDay 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽
  159. A8: i can teach my kids about dwarfism. I can't teach them about being African American lps. having AfAm mentors is critical. #DPPMomsDay
  160. Q9. What advice do you have for professionals who work with mothers with disabilities? #DPPMomsDay
  161. A9: Don't ask y/n questions about how we live. Ask how. "How do you do X?" versus assume we don't. #DPPMomsDay
  162. #DPPMomsDay @disparenting When in leadership roles, insist on child care for events so can fully participate
  163. A8: ... But mostly I've felt like I've been finding my own way. Not a TON of foot-using mamas around to meet me for coffee. #DPPMomsDay
  164. A9 –Listen to all of our concerns instead of being dismissive, disabled moms often have heightened sensitivity levels. #DPPMomsDay
  165. A9 Understand that there is a long history of mistrust (for good reason) and that you are working within that context. #DPPMomsDay
  166. A9: Express that you're available to help, and then assume they don't need it unless they ask. #DPPMomsDay
  167. A9: Keep an open mind and help find resources instead of assuming they can't do things. #dppmomsday
  168. A9: our sons pre-K teachers do a "home visit" for all their kids--it was cool for them to get a chance to see how we do things. #DPPMomsDay
  169. A9: OTs could be supportive of parenting vs only assuming the child will have the disability. #DPPMomsDay
  170. #DPPMomsDay @disparenting Child birth nightmares across the disability spectrum stemming from professionals assuming and not listening.
  171. A9: Ask what resources the parents know about that could inform their work as a professional #DPPMomsDay
  172. Q10. Last question… What advice do you have for women with disabilities who are considering motherhood? #DPPMomsDay
  173. A9: Don't act surprised at our success and our kids awesomeness #DPPMomsDay
  174. @VCIL @disparenting yup! I had an anesthesiologist who wouldn't listen to me and my anesthesia wore out 1/2 way through c-sect. #DPPMomsDay
  175. Q10: YOU are the world's foremost and only expert on yourself. If you know you can do it, then do it. #DPPMomsDay
  176. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing disabled mamas out there! #DPPMomsDay
  177. TY for the engaging conversation! This officially concludes the chat. But you can still respond using #DPPMomsDay.
  178. #DPPMomsDay @disparenting Q10- Don't listen to advise :) :) Really though- trust yourself, seek out supports you choose!
  179. A10: Find doctors and others who are supportive. ask other disabled women for supportive OBGYNs. #DPPMomsDay
  180. I used to be bullied a lot in grade school. I was paralyzed, stuttered, and was shy. The works. #DPPMomsDay
  181. A10: Define your family in your own terms. It's def challenging but the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. #DPPMomsDay
  182. A10: Define your family in your own terms. It's def challenging but the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. #DPPMomsDay
  183. A10: same thing with schools. find a school that is welcoming to your child and accessible to you as a parent. #DPPMomsDay
  184. A10: Find great mentors; disabled people are successfully raising kids; you're not alone. #dppmomsday
  185. @disparenting Talk to us directly I'm always open to talk to people about parenting #DPPMomsDay Other thing have more things like this!
  186. One day my mom saw some girls teasing me and jumped into her car and chased them down. 😂😂😂 #DPPMomsDay (Don't worry she didn't hit them.)
  187. A10 Start connecting w/disabled moms beforehand &building network/gathering info. Motherhood w/disability adds another dimension #DPPMomsDay
  188. Go for it! Recognize parenting is hard, and most difficulties have nothing to do with disability. @NFB_voice #DPPMOMSDAY
  189. Parents have to teach their kids to advocate for themselves because no one else will. Sad truth #DPPMomsDay
  190. A:10 Follow ur dreams. If u dream 2 be a mother, put ur efforts into making it reality. Find other disabled women 2 support u #DPPMomsDay
  191. A10: It's an act of defiance to be a mother. It tells society you won't let it tell you what you should/shouldn't do w/your body #DPPMomsDay
  192. A9: Keep an open mind and help find resources instead of assuming they can't do things. #dppmomsday
  193. A10: Find great mentors; disabled people are successfully raising kids; you're not alone. #dppmomsday
  194. A10: if you're blind, be sure you have good knowledge of nonvisual techniques & confidence, so when kids come, you're ready. #dppmomsday
  195. A10: When we brought out kids around the #DisCo, more and more disabled women asked me about becoming a mom, as if it was taboo. #DPPMomsDay
  196. Mom was brown, Mexican, didnt know English, worked countless jobs to support me, and was still able to take me to all docs apps #DPPMomsDay
  197. There were days out of the year that were dedicated to dr visits. I cherished that time w/my mom. Don't take that for granted. #DPPMomsDay
  198. Enas Bell, who stars in our “Who I Am” PSA, has a visual impairment & counts mom as one of her fav roles  http://bit.ly/1byzCaZ  #DPPMomsDay
  199. #DPPMomsDay is awesome! I can't handle answering any more questions right now, will finish later.
  200. @disparenting Such an excellent, informative discussion! Thank you to the organizers, panelists, and other participants! #DPPMomsDay
  201. A10: if you're blind, be sure you have good knowledge of nonvisual techniques & confidence, so when kids come, you're ready. #dppmomsday
  202. #DPPMomsDay When I asked about childbirth procedures, she said my child would be disabled. I said no and so what? Fight for your rights.
  203. #DPPMomsDay When we asked to do foster care, they said no. We said ADA. Fight for your rights.
  204. Looks like I missed #DPPMomsDay day again this year because if momming. But that's ok. I'll go back and read the discussion later.
  205. #DPPMomsDay On our first mom's day as parents, our daughter came out of the bathroom asking what's this blood? We calmly explained. Mom's D
  206. @disparenting A1 - negative assumptions & bias, fear of failing kids, losing kids, adapting childcare #DPPMomsDay
  207. A4 I've read children of disabled parents learn more independence & cooperation skills. #DPPMomsDay
  208. A5 I'm in ontario & as far as I know nothing. I feel pressured not to have kids and supports aren't enough $wise and prob other. #DPPMomsDay
  209. A5a enforcing the human rights code and AODA and ending medical eugenics in all varieties #DPPMomsDay
  210. A6 when caring for friend's baby I've used pillows and adapted holding her. I'd probably use a sling more if available #DPPMomsDay
  211. A7 I'd probably join online networks and read blogs, unfortunately no irl disabled parents in my circle #DPPMomsDay
  212. A9 respect rights to become mothers in ways we can and encourage not judge/scold our personal choices #DPPMomsDay
  213. Be the role model: RT @CDETweets: Enas Bell,a star in “Who I Am” PSA, counts mom as one of her fav roles  http://bit.ly/1byzCaZ  #DPPMomsDay