Celebrating Fathers with Disabilities


  1. Can't believe it's been a whole year since last Fathers Day. Ready for another chat with other fathers with #disabilities today #DPPDadsDay
  2. Welcome to today’s Twitter chat! The focus of the #DPPDadsDay Twitter chat is to celebrate fathers with #disabilities.
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  4. For example, Q1. What time does the #DPPDadsDay Twitter chat begin? A1. Right now! Are you ready? #DPPDadsDay
  5. Let's start with introductions. Who's participating in today's chat? #DPPDadsDay
  6. I'm Adam, 36 from Cincy, Ohio. I have OI and use a wheelchair for mobility. Three kids, Eli 10, Hannah 7, Riley 3 months.  #dppdadsday https://t.co/XACvXCTPPl
    I'm Adam, 36 from Cincy, Ohio. I have OI and use a wheelchair for mobility. Three kids, Eli 10, Hannah 7, Riley 3 months. #dppdadsday pic.twitter.com/XACvXCTPPl
  7. Hi- @jttschida here. I’m a dad with a disability and Assoc. Exec. at @AUCDNews. #dppdadsday
  8. Let’s begin… Q1. What are the biggest challenges facing fathers with disabilities? #DPPDadsDay
  9. Happy to celebrate dads with disabilities today-including my partner in parenting @AyersFORCE1. Thank-you all for joining us. #DPPDadsDay
  10. A1 Models...Positive reps of fatherhood & disability. There are far too many of us for so few examples #dppdadsday
  11. A1. People's perceptions. The perception is often negative, and it's hard for them to understand how I'm able to do it. #dppdadsday
  12. @AUCDNews @jttschida Thanks so much for joining us. Tweeting from here today but will boost from @UCUcedd #DPPDadsDay #AUCDRocks
  13. A1 Employment is always an issue. As a father we must support our family #dppdadsday
  14. A1. Being seen as someone that needs to be taken care of, instead of someone who takes care of their kids. #dppdadsday
  15. Q2. What has been the most helpful tool (adaptive parenting technique, equipment, etc) to help you as a dad? #DPPDadsDay
  16. A2. For me ride sharing has been a big deal. It allows me to take the kids places and be mobile even more so than taxis. #dppdadsday
  17. A2. Right now, it's been the lapbaby by @PrimoBaby It holds my baby in place on my lap,giving me hands free pushing in my chair. #DPPDadsDay
  18. A2. Access to quality, light weight wheelchairs that help me stay independent and active. @TiLite #DPPDadsDay
  19. A2 as people with disabilities we spend our lives adapting. Parenting is no different we adapt thats what we do. #dppdadsday
  20. Q3. What do you think is the biggest misconception about fathers with disabilities and how do we change it? #DPPDadsDay
  21. A3. I can only control myself, so leading by example and being that model for others is important to me. #DPPDadsDay
  22. A3 We must remove the idea that having a disability is a hurdle to being a good & engaged father. NOT mutually exclusive #dppdadsday
  23. A3. I love speaking to children and young adults whenever possible about parenting, and changing their perceptions. #dppdadsday
  24. A3 That we can't be fathers. I've been asked if my kids our my brothers. #dppdadsday
  25. Q4. What are the strengths that come from being the child of a father with disabilities? #DPPDadsDay
  26. A3. Daddy's with dis. are very capable. Adapting to our environment is what we do, and it just gets better when you have kids. #DPPDadsDay
  27. @MathnSkating Sometimes I have to carry them along or use an option that includes car seats, but having the option has been great. #DPPDadsDay
  28. A4. My kids interact with so many pwd's, and it's just a normal thing for them. Inclusive minds and not judging off of looks. #dppdadsday
  29. @LeadOnUpdate @MathnSkating Ride sharing has great potential for parents with #disabilities! Hopefully @lyft, @Uber, and others will become more accessible! #DPPDadsDay
  30. Q4- They learn to respect people who are different and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it #dppdadsday
  31. A4 since my kids also have disabilities my example reminds them that having a family of their own is an option they can choose #dppdadsday
  32. A4. They get excited when they see another PWD in the community, and asks if I'm going to invite them to WC Bball :) #dppdadsday
  33. A4. It's not how you look or get around, it's how you treat people is what matters. #DPPDadsDay
  34. @disparenting @DrKaraAyers @LeadOnUpdate Fascinating. I live in a more suburban community, normally I walk everywhere. I have so much anxiety around transporting kids #DPPDadsDay
  35. A4 1/3 #dppdadsday Seeing the barriers I encountered while living w/ spinal cord injury, all my kids have a strong sense of social justice
  36. @disparenting @DrKaraAyers @LeadOnUpdate I mean I don't have kids yet, but I want kids and it's something that makes me nervous as a DeafBlind future parent. #DPPDadsDay
  37. A4 2/3 #dppdadsday My kids also have an innate affinity with loners or outsiders in school & work to include these kids.
  38. A4 3/3 #dppdadsday Call it an early maturing of empathy, if you will. I’d say that’s quite a strength!
  39. Q5. What are you doing to end discrimination against parents with disabilities? #DPPDadsDay
  40. @AUCDNews I'd agree. Our kids definitely have empathy..well all but the 3 month old. She's working on it! #DPPDadsDay
  41. A5. Lead by example. Living the life I want to live. Talking to our youth. Being an active member of my community. Speaking out. #DPPDadsDay
  42. A5 Living my life and showing the world that is is possible to lead a family as a person with a disability #dppdadsday
  43. A5 Being unapologetic in parenting AND disability spaces about parenting is a big step to getting other folks on board. #dppdadsday
  44. A5. Being comfortable in my own skin, and explaining to other pwd's that is the quickest way to get the life that you want. #dppdadsday
  45. RT @DrKaraAyers @AUCDNews I'd agree. Our kids definitely have empathy..well all but the 3 month old. She's working on it! #DPPDadsDay
  46. Q6. What kinds of attitudes have you encountered toward your role as a father with disabilities? #DPPDadsDay
  47. A6 1/5 #dppdadsday As a wheelchair user, my 3 kids rode on the back of my chair & served as my fingers & legs to help w routine errands
  48. A6 2/5 #dppdadsday It was perfectly “normal” for us, but man, did we get the looks! Open-mouthed staring, some head shaking
  49. A6. An attitude that I put my kids in danger because of my disability. Or even my right to have a child based on my genetic dis. #DPPDadsDay
  50. A6 3/5 #dppdadsday My kids would notice it well before I did. “What’s wrong with him, Dad?” was common.
  51. A6 4/5 #dppdadsday The best thing parents with disabilities can do: BE SEEN as a parent!
  52. A6 Many attitudes. Most important to remind young people with disabilities that parenthood is an option for them too. #dppdadsday
  53. A6 5/5 #dppdadsday Normalizing disability=be seen doing what everyone does: pump gas, buy groceries, find clothes teens will actually wear
  54. @AyersFORCE1 All about parental rights until the parent has a disability 🙄 #DPPDadsDay
  55. Q7. Where do you go to get information on parenting with a disability? #DPPDadsDay
  56. A6. Based on my genetic dis. people see it as selfish and irresponsible to bring a child into the world that may have my dis. #dppdadsday
  57. Q6 the worst is when kids are mean and bully may kids and bring my disability into it. kids can be cruel. #dppdadsday
  58. It seems there is far more information and resources for mothers with disabilities than fathers it seems. It must change! #DPPDadsDay
  59. A7 1/2 #dppdadsday Through the Looking Glass ( https://www.lookingglass.org/ ) is great w/ a ton of online info.
  60. A7. @NWBA and other tournament around the countryTalking to other DWD's has helped me learn new tricks, and pass on some of mine #dppdadsday
  61. Sounds like misperceptions and underestimation of the abilities of Disabled Fathers are all too common #dppdadsday
  62. A7. Paralympic Sports Clubs in your city or surrounding communities. #DPPDadsDay
  63. Q8. What is your favorite thing about being a father with a disability? #DPPDadsDay
  64. @Mark_Turan Curious what advice you'd give to other disabled fathers facing those challenges? #dppdadsday
  65. A7. Just like any parent, DWD's are no different. We need to figure this stuff out as we go and learn from our experiences. #dppdadsday
  66. A8. Having three kids that look to me for support and love. Being called "Dad" is the best feeling in the world. #dppdadsday
  67. A8 2/3 #dppdadsday To my three kids, I’ve never been the ‘disabled Dad’. It’s just Dad. They see and know and love me.
  68. Q9. How do you and/or your child(ren) talk to others about disability? #DPPDadsDay
  69. A8. Giving my children new experiences, and making memories that they will always remember. #DPPDadsDay
  70. A8 3/3 #dppdadsday Fave grade school story: “My Dad can beat up your Dad.” (My son Nick): “Well my Dad will run him over first!” Nick FTW!
  71. A9. Age appropriate answers that satisfy their curiosity, and finding the details that make us more alike than different. #DPPDadsDay
  72. A9. My kids have always thought my WC is awesome! Hannah showing off to her friends her "wheelies" makes if fun and relatable. #dppdadsday
  73. A8 My kids are my favorite part of being a father. With or without a disability #dppdadsday
  74. Q10. Last question… What advice do you have for men with #disabilities who are considering fatherhood? #DPPDadsDay
  75. A9. Positive. Different is good! They see it as another way people live their life and get around. #dppdadsday
  76. TY for the engaging conversation! This officially concludes the chat. But you can still respond using #DPPDadsDay
  77. A10.Do what makes you happy. If you want to be a father, than you should be. It's the most rewarding role in the world. #dppdadsday
  78. Have a happy Father's Day! Moms, you have a good day too #dppdadsday😀
  79. A7 Where do able-bodied parents go of info? you learn on the fly. chats like this does help #dppdadsday
  80. @disparenting I'm Dominick Evans... I'm a filmmaker, disability and LGBTQ activist, and father to a young adult who is autistic... #DPPDadsDay
  81. @disparenting A1. a lot of people don't think that we are capable of being parents... people constantly asked me if I was my son's brother #DPPDadsDay
  82. @disparenting People often don't want to interact with disabled dads when it comes to things like doctors and schools... #DPPDadsDay
  83. @LeadOnUpdate I don't feel like there's as much as a community either for us... #DPPDadsDay
  84. it's more the expectation dads are supposed to support the family, and if we are disabled suddenly that perception is gone #DPPDadsDay  https://twitter.com/Mark_Turan/status/875067916584189954 
  85. @AyersFORCE1 I once had a physical therapist who would compare my strengths to Robert's who would come with me to my appointments #DPPDadsDay
  86. @AyersFORCE1 something like... wow! Your young child can do it, but you can't?! and then they would laugh... #DPPDadsDay
  87. @AyersFORCE1 I am the one helping clothe them, feed them, etc.... I don't need to lift a 5 pound weight to do that! #DPPDadsDay
  88. @disparenting LOL my wheelchair... being able to haul him around when he was little was very convenient when we had to walk to the store #DPPDadsDay
  89. @disparenting Probably that disabled people can't be parents at all, but especially fathers... we are here and we are proud to be dads #DPPDadsDay
  90. @AyersFORCE1 You are one of the best examples I know of a great disabled dad! #DPPDadsDay
  91. @disparenting My son just told me he wants to be a disability rights activist... because he's watched me... he wants to fight for his rights! #DPPDadsDay
  92. @disparenting So I think setting a good example for my son of what it means to be a disabled person, and to be a father is important #DPPDadsDay
  93. @disparenting I fight for disabled people to be able to get married because children are not always protected if their parents arent married #DPPDadsDay
  94. @disparenting A lot of disbelief and infantilization... some people don't believe I am his dad #DPPDadsDay
  95. @disparenting My girlfriend and I are also very young to have a young adult son... so I've been told that I obviously raped my girlfriend... #DPPDadsDay
  96. @disparenting I've also been told that I was disgusting...because my girlfriend was a teenager when pregnant (I adopted him when he was 8) #DPPDadsDay
  97. @disparenting Because I'm disabled there's a disbelief that I would be willing to take responsibility for child that is not biologically mine #DPPDadsDay
  98. @Mark_Turan They either seem to be in awe...and want to hang out because my wheelchair is cool or are rude jerks! #DPPDadsDay
  99. @Mark_Turan Of course my nephew used to want to beat everybody up... if they said anything about my wheelchair LOL #DPPDadsDay
  100. @disparenting We are honest with them... we try to educate them because they clearly need it #DPPDadsDay
  101. @disparenting It's hard work for any parent... and your kids will drive you up the wall so often, but at the end of the day it's so worth it #DPPDadsDay
  102. Having two wonderful boys and an amazing wife of 28 yrs has helped me with my depression, they have all helped keep me grounded #DPPDadsDay pic.twitter.com/YGe1fdJrVAhttps://t.co/YGe1fdJrVApic.twitter.com/YGe1fdJrVA
  103. #DPPDadsDay as a teen with #disability my goal was to get married and have kids didn't seem far fetched married x3 kids x10 #success