The ADA and What it Means to Parents with Disabilities

  1. Welcome to the DPP Twitter Chat in recognition of the 26th anniversary of the ADA #ADAParenting #ADA26
  2. Today, we want to discuss how (if at all) the ADA has affected parents with disabilities #ADAParenting
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  5. Let's start with introductions. This is Robyn, cofounder of the DPP. Who else is participating in today's chat? #ADAParenting
  6. @disparenting Hi Robyn, I'm Erin from Easterseals Thrive, an online community for young women with disabilities! #adaparenting
  7. I'm Kara Ayers-Associate Dir of UC UCEDD and disabled mom to 2 (one bio/one adopted child), co-founder of DPP. #ADAParenting
  8. I'm Kara Ayers-Associate Dir of UC UCEDD and disabled mom to 2 (one bio/one adopted child), co-founder of DPP. #ADAParenting
  9. @disparenting Hello twittersphere! We're the @RockyMtnADA, providing guidance on the #ADA to the Rocky Mountain states. #ADAParenting
  10. Melody here for @caretothepeople a @ConsumerMedical initiative connecting patients to resources + each other. Social Worker. #ADAParenting
  11. Great to see so many participating! Let’s begin… Q1. What does the ADA mean to parents with disabilities? #ADAParenting
  12. Thrilled to join @disparenting for discussion on #ADAParenting! I'm Therese from LI Ctr for Independent Living and mom to a 5-year old boy.
  13. Reposting: Let’s begin… Q1. What does the ADA mean to parents with disabilities? #ADAParenting
  14. We are always interested in supporting children with IDD and their families and are happy to be a part of this imptnt convo! #ADAParenting
  15. @disparenting A1: Not sure exactly how the ADA affects parents w/ disabilities, but here to learn & contribute. #adaparenting
  16. A1: When enforced, the ADA should provide both physical and societal access to all that we need to parent.. #ADAParenting
  17. A1: ADA should prohibit discrimination in parenting assessments and ensure that childcare centers are accessible. #ADAParenting
  18. It's a reminder that the right to be moms and dads ranks among our civil rights. #ADAParenting
  19. Hi I'm Rene Thompson from @CALNorthernKY and I'm the disabled parent of a 19 year old w/disabilities. #ADAParenting
  20. @disparenting A1 It means your disability should not be able to prevent you from a full life as a PWD (parent with disability) #ADAParenting
  21. A1. We're here to learn how ADA affects parents with disabilities, particularly working parents. #ADAParenting
  22. @disparenting It means finding an OB/GYN that is not questioning why we would have children or try to get pregnant. #genetics #ADAParenting
  23. Q2. Has the ADA helped people with disabilities raise children? Why or why not? #ADAParenting
  24. A1 - The #ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities, which should include parents with disabilities. #ADAParenting
  25. @disparenting A2: Doctor's offices need to be accessible, but that law is not universally enforced. Schools also accessible #adaparenting
  26. A1- The #ADA protects the rights of PWD to be fully participating members of society- that must include parenting. #ADAParenting
  27. The Arc's position statement says parents with I/DD entitled to individualized assessment & supports  http://bit.ly/29MEAzA  #ADAParenting
  28. A1: #ADA should provide parents of children with disabilities with the resources they need to raise their children. #ADAParenting
  29. @disparenting Moments after delivery, mom shouldn't worry about reaching her baby to nurse or change. Safety, security. #ADAParenting
  30. A2. The #ADA has increased #accessibility to public accommodations, such as schools. Of course there are still challenges. #ADAParenting
  31. For more info on rights of parents with I/DD & other disabilities, see @CivilRights @HHSGov guidance  http://bit.ly/29S1NWM  #ADAParenting
  32. A2: The ADA has helped in some ways but if applied/enforced, it could be much more helpful. #ADAParenting
  33. My son's school uses digital apps and other online reports that are not often accessible. #ADAParenting
  34. A1: #ADA should help parents of children w/ disabilities know the rights of their children. #ADAParenting @AndyAUCD @JudgeWren @debraruh
  35. A2- Since the ADA there has certainly been more support available to parents w disabilities. That said, not nearly enough. #ADAParenting
  36. This is so important but most CPS agencies aren't aware and have no clue how to support. #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/TheArcUS/status/755503938426834945 
  37. Q3. Why do you think discrimination against parents with disabilities persists despite the ADA? #ADAParenting
  38. .@TedDaridMauro While policies are way out of date with the right advocacy many ppl with disabilities CAN adopt. #ADAParenting
  39. A3: Society views parenting as the exception to the "you can do anything" rule. Education/job-fine. Parenting-not so much #ADAParenting
  40. A3- I think discrimination persists despite the #ADA because you can't legislate attitudes. #ADAParenting
  41. We can do this by sharing more examples of disabled parents, what supports work, and best practices. #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/naithom/status/755505464247484419 
  42. @disparenting A2. Absolutely yes, because a community has grown (continuing to grow) that is working to protect their rights. #ADAParenting
  43. We can do this by sharing more examples of disabled parents, what supports work, and best practices. #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/naithom/status/755505464247484419 
  44. @disparenting A3: Because discrimination exists beyond politics & laws. We must change the way society views disability, too. #adaparenting
  45. Sorry 4 joining late; was driving! I'm Morénike, an Autistic & ADHD mom in TX. Glad to participate in the #ADAParenting chat!
  46. The lack of web accessible rules makes it rather tough too be very effective #ADAParenting
  47. @naithom I think @TedDaridMauro means how some adoption requirements are stated. My family and others have found a way. #ADAParenting
  48. A3. Laws & regulations are great, but they don't change hearts & minds right away. #ADAParenting
  49. @lindsay_baran that's the key. so many violations, but some people w/ disabilities don't have means to legally challenge it #adaparenting
  50. @AAPD #ADA increased #accessibility at schools, but they think they know better vs. PWD needs 4 their child w/ = disability #ADAParenting
  51. A3. Many people make assumptions that a parent w/ a #disability can't care for a child completely. #ADAParenting
  52. Q4. What types of barriers do you encounter as a disabled parent because of ADA noncompliance? #ADAParenting
  53. a3: Discrimination is even in the way that we define "parenting". No one (that I know of) raises their child in isolation. #ADAParenting
  54. A1 I view the ADA as meaningful 2 me as a person. But its practical (not theoretical) impact 2 me as a mom is a bit nebulous. #ADAParenting
  55. @dwarfparents Agreed - #access in schools has gotten better, but can still be improved even more. #ADAParenting
  56. @AAPD I think that also ties in with the perception of PWDs as eternal children so they can't be parents themselves. #ADAParenting
  57. a4: It was really difficult initially to find an childcare provider due to lack of access. #ADAParenting
  58. A2: The ADA provides some critical protections 2 disabled ppl. But in reality access/enforcement can be challenging. #ADAParenting
  59. A3: Parenting decisions are THE most important ones I make so my choices shouldn't be limited to a few accessible ones. #ADAParenting
  60. @DrKaraAyers yes, parenting is as much a community effort as anything. parents with disabilities are no different. #adaparenting
  61. A3- Many ppl have a paternalistic view of disability. For PWD to be providers of care (not receivers) is unthinkable to some. #ADAParenting
  62. A4. Having a disability can be isolating, especially when others don't understand. Support is important for parents. #ADAParenting
  63. @disparenting b/c there will always be parents w/o disabilities of CWD as ableists. Finding a cure, enabling vs. let thrive #ADAParenting
  64. A3: Some ppl won't view us as competent parents when PWD aren't viewed as competent ppl in general. Sadly. #ADAParenting
  65. Q5. How do you think the ADA can be better enforced so that parents with disabilities have access & don’t face discrimination? #ADAParenting
  66. @lindsay_baran Such a true point. We've come so far in the last 26 years with the #ADA but we have much to do end the stigma. #ADAParenting
  67. @DrKaraAyers I loved your recent blog on the "social" barriers, our disability impacting our kids' experiences. #ADAParenting
  68. @TEABrzezinski Thank-you. Those social barriers are ever changing. My LOs are 6 and 9 now. Still happen just different. #ADAParenting
  69. A5. Generally speaking, more education about the law and how to be in compliance. Here are a few of my questions. #ADAParenting
  70. A5- There needs to be a focus both on the right to BE a parent, and also the logistics of access as a parent/family. #ADAParenting
  71. A4: Not being allowed to communicate in my preferred manner; parenting skills questioned; not being given access to resources. #ADAParenting
  72. A5. We've got to be willing to tell our stories.... Not always easy. #ADAParenting
  73. Enforcement is key. We also have to educate that these ADA Notification Acts floating around are harmful to PWDs. #ADAParenting
  74. @disparenting A5: Enforce it in general. Also, access to technology for parents is something we should be talking about more. #adaparenting
  75. A5. We also need to fight laws/amendments that would chip away at the #ADA, such as the proposed ADA Notifications Act. #ADAParenting
  76. @caretothepeople  http://care.com  and posted an ad with our challenge. An amazing sitter reached out and said "I'm in!" #ADAParenting
  77. @UCUcedd Yes! 100% agree here. We need to mobilize more to fight the proposed ADA Notification Acts. #ADAParenting
  78. .@caretothepeople Interestingly, her house wasn't accessible either but she was willing to figure it out with me. #ADAParenting
  79. I am new to twitter chats and #ADAParenting give me hope for future. I still think it is a difficult subject to discuss.
  80. Q6. How should child welfare agencies and courts comply with the ADA and support disabled parents and their children? #ADAParenting
  81. A5: I hate to say it, but some ppl/orgs won't do the right thing until they are forced. It might take legal action &/or media. #ADAParenting
  82. @disparenting Better #outreach to teaching hospitals w/ PWD as speakers/instructors. Personal experience w/ education is key #ADAParenting
  83. @disparenting Thanks, Robyn. I was saying that the feds need to work more closely with state govts to ensure agency supports.#ADAParenting
  84. A6: It should NOT be lawful for child protective svcs to take ppl's kids away on the basis of a disability. Period. #ADAParenting
  85. #ADAParenting Our community must vote more - volunteer for campaigns and become politically active - we must help each other to do this
  86. @disparenting A6 We must make the agencies and courts FLUENT in the ADA. This is not a law to be ignored! #ADAParenting
  87. A6: Better training about supports available. Adopting family-centered approaches. Looking to experts-PWD. #ADAParenting
  88. @AAPD We seriously need to #CripTheVote and make sure we have legislators who respect the rights of all. #ADAParenting
  89. #ADAParenting Government funded agencies can't do this because of their funding...we must do it
  90. State laws need to be amended to remove disability as reason to decide or establish custody #ADAParenting
  91. A6- They've gotta presume competence & not make inability default assumption just bc of disability. And better learn the ADA! #ADAParenting
  92. Q7. Is the ADA enough to ensure people with disabilities can become parents or is more needed? Why or why not? #ADAParenting
  93. I really like this idea and we're close! Let's collab to make this happen in Northern KY/Cinci. #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/naithom/status/755510506748870657 
  94. A lot of times it seems ppl prefer to keep disabled parents disenfranchised. #ADAParenting
  95. #ADAParenting I was shocked to hear about how many hospitals do have scales for people in wheel chairs - prenatal care is abysmal
  96. A7: No the ADA isn't enough. We need to educate beyond the ADA and that includes among ppl with disabilities. #ADAParenting
  97. Disabled parents r often denied the resources we need 2 b good parents, yet are then accused of not being good parents! WTH? #ADAParenting
  98. @AAPD We do outreach at our local library and have been taking voter registrations with us. #ADAParenting
  99. Internalized ableism within our community is really sad. Not everyone wants to be a parent but we're not always supportive. #ADAParenting
  100. @naithom Definitely building on the personal relationships with those in authority- make this issue real and personal. #ADAParenting
  101. @TedDaridMauro I almost have to ask if I can get weighed. I can transfer to stand but they don't want to bother me. #ADAParenting
  102. A7 I wish the ADA was enough, but it's not. Orgs/ppl find ways to wiggle around it, knowing they can often do so w/impunity. #ADAParenting
  103. Q8. Have any parents here received accommodations at their child’s school? If so, what? What was the process? #ADAParenting
  104. A7 In Houston we had an equal rights ordinance called #HERO or #HouEquality. It would have given local protection to PWD... #ADAParenting
  105. Q7- ADA SHOULD be enough- but without better enforcement it won't been. Seems further guidance OR legislation is needed. #ADAParenting
  106. @Respect_Ability @AAPD @CALNorthernKY We let our consumers guide us in how to assist them. They know what they need. #ADAParenting
  107. ...as well as other marginalized grps. But bcz of transphobia (trans ppl were included in the ordinance 2), it was shut down. #ADAParenting
  108. A8: Yes! But, it took a non-PWD teacher to speak up for us PWD b/c the school was not hearing us. Can our own voice heard? #ADAParenting
  109. A8 Of all the schools my kids have attended, ONE was awesome about accommodating me. Emailing me stuff to review b4hand, etc. #ADAParenting
  110. I think enforcement is ctritical, plus need web rules ASAP. ADA is pretty good IMHO #ADAParenting
  111. #ADAParenting Not all states are the same - SC Bill 3989 died in committee -it was to allow PWD to adop/keep their kids -help press coverage
  112. Q9. What advice do you have for other parents seeking accommodations, at school or elsewhere? #ADAParenting
  113. I like what people have to say about building relationships. The teacher likely stuck up for you as she knew you. #ADAParenting
  114. A8: Accommodations from school have also included educating my kids' classmates so they don't have to on their own. #ADAParenting
  115. A9: Don't give up. Often we get tired of the many microaggressions & just let things go. The little foxes destroy vineyards! #ADAParenting
  116. A9: Think ahead. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for class parties not to be in the way back of a field. #ADAParenting
  117. A8: Do #ADA Coordinators @ school districts really advocate 4 the ADA and PWD? We're finding challenge n fight than #advocacy #ADAParenting
  118. A9: One day everything won't be a fight. But 2day is NOT yet that day. We have to be "that parent" if that's what it takes. #ADAParenting
  119. Last question…Q10. What advice do you have for people with #disabilities who are considering parenthood? #ADAParenting
  120. @disparenting Do your homework and really discuss the issues of parenting with a disability. I think being honest. #ADAParenting
  121. A10 As w many situations, finding peers to learn from & get/give support is key. Don't need to keep reinventing the wheel. #ADAParenting
  122. Happy 26th anniversary! We look forward to seeing the ADA reach its full potential by ensuring PWDs have the right to parent! #ADAParenting
  123. TY for the engaging conversation! This officially concludes the chat. But you can still respond using #ADAParenting
  124. We need more youth with disabilities to hear from someone: If you want to parent-PARENT! Too many never hear that from anyone. #ADAParenting
  125. @disparenting @CALNorthernKY Q10 Know your strengths, your challenges, keep a sense of humor & diaper boys from the front. #ADAParenting
  126. A10: Abled or disabled, parenting is both difficult & rewarding. PWD r often d@mn good parents! Don't let society scare u away #ADAParenting
  127. more is obviously needed because it is still so easy and common for disabled parents to lose their children #ADAParenting
  128. more is obviously needed because it is still so easy and common for disabled parents to lose their children #ADAParenting
  129. most people don't even assume I am a parent just because I am disabled. I've been excluded and he's been excluded by default #ADAParenting
  130. the biggest barrier is prejudice, although there are plenty of other barriers, even physical ones that can affect parenting #ADAParenting
  131. a4: I had a anesthesiologist assume I wanted my tubes tied after 2nd c-section #ADAParenting
  132. @DrKaraAyers a4: that is so true. We worked hard to find a center that made our kids needs and our own assess needs. #ADAParenting
  133. @DrKaraAyers @caretothepeople flexibility is key. I liked finding sitters who wouldn't fall for my sons dwarf-related antics #ADAParenting
  134. A6: we need to focus on informing their education with what we shared here today and strength-based info on disability #ADAParenting
  135. A7: we need to do more to promote stories and images of disabled parents, esp multiply marginalized ones #ADAParenting
  136. A8: we've asked for information to be moved down in the classroom so I can access it. #ADAParenting
  137. A8: there are other disabled parents at Js school so we have tag teamed on disability progs 4 kids that also inform teachers #ADAParenting
  138. A9: peer support helps a lot. Having other moms w/same and diff disabilities gives a safe space to share ideas #ADAParenting
  139. Believe in yourself, be open w/ your kids about your disability, tap into & grow yr natural supports #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/755514217894215682 
  140. A9: Know your rights, hone your advocacy skills, use charm & humor, involve your kids in the advocacy #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/755513126582423552 
  141. A5: best enfrcers of parntal & family rights under ADA are parents & family mmbrs who know their rts #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/755508012199055364 
  142. A1: it means don't apologize for who you are, love yrself & share your disability experience w/ family #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/disparenting/status/755501896165683201 
  143. Yes, this..scarcity of disabled parents in main stream parenting orgs/mags, across media landscape etc #ADAParenting  https://twitter.com/RebeccaCokley/status/755565701906083840