Public Hearing on Redistricting in Maine


  1. The Maine Legislative Apportionment Commission held a public hearing on maps proposed by Democrats and Republicans, maps that would redraw Maine's two congressional districts.

    The scheme from the Democrats would move seven towns and 19,000 people from one district to the other, leaving a population difference of three.

    The Republican plan would move 360,000 Mainers in seven counties leaving a deviation of one.

  2. The hearing begins with brief presentations from both sides, with Sen. Debra Plowman leading off with the Republican plan. She shows an example of gerrymandering - Georgia's 13th District from 2001.

  3. Sen. Seth Goodall presents the Democratic scheme.

  4. The Chair of the Commission, Mike Friedman (who is not registered with any political party) opened the hearing for public testimony.