Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The experiences of a college student finding Tweet-worthy sights about UF and Gainesville, FL. Gators aren't the only things lurking around this city.


  1. Here are the fun-facts I gathered about Gainesville, Fl in 24-hours. Dont get jealous!!! Twitter Scavenger Hunt Commence.
  2. School Spirit: What better place to start than at the heart of the Gator Nation. Here's my experience at a Men's Gator Basketball game where I witnessed proud Gator fans exhibiting awesome school spirit.
  3. Favorite Food Place: Sweet Berries Eatery and Frozen Custard. Located right on 13th ST, this small restaurant gives you a very comfortable experience for eating right in Gainesville. The different art pieces hanging on the wall exhibits why this small restaurant is far better than larger ones.
  4. Professor on the Street: We can't talk about Gainesville without talking about education. UF is one of the best universities in the nation with awesome and distinguished faculty. So let's have a chat with Dr. Susan Gillespie, Professor in the Anthropology Department, and see what she thinks about social media and hear her favorite quote.
  5. Student on the Street: It wouldn't be fair to come to UF without also talking to its students. Here's Brandon Chandra, an Engineering senior whose getting ready to graduate and see what he hopes for the Spring 2015 semester.
  6. Academic Excellence: To top off our educational stops, we have to see what UF strives to accomplish in order to help its students become future leaders. Being green while also studying, see how Solar Panels play a role on this journey of innovation for UF.
  7. Winter Fun: Only in Florida can you wear a jacket but still prefer to stay outside for the air. Take a look at how some students enjoy winter as we Floridians experience milder winter temperatures.
  8. Scenic Spot: A true treasure that lies in Gainesville is the amazing picture taking spots that capture the historic yet modern feel Gainesville gives. The University Auditorium is a prime example. Take a look below.
  9. Fanatic Fans: This has been a transitional year for UF Basketball, take a look at UF student Jaret King and his views on this season. His knowledge of the team shows his enthusiasm as a true Gator fan.
  10. Extracurricular Extravaganza: What better way to truly experience student life than finding out about cool orginizations to join. Take a look at my encounter with ESA and their take on extracurriculars and how they've taken a more family-oriented approach in recruiting members.
  11. Freestyle: Three words.... DOUBLE HELIX BRIDGE. How awesome is it that right here in Gainesville we have such a unique and interesting work of art. Take a look at this landmark that makes Gainesville so cool below.