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  1. HostGator is one of the best known website hosting services on the web. The company presently has hundreds of millions of users around the world and hosts over eight million domains, making it a web hosting giant that few services have been able to match.

    History and Awards

    HostGator was started in 2002 by Brent Oaxley, who was then a university student. Four years later, the company had hundreds of thousands of domains under its care and was named one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the United States.

    HostGator has been the recipient of various awards throughout its relatively short history, including the DailyHostNews February 2013 Editor's Choice Award, Wordpress Hosting Review's 2012 Best Host Award and Joomla Hosting Review's 2012 Best Host Award. The company has offices not only in the United States but also India and Brazil.  

    In 2012, Brent Oaxley stunned users by announcing his decision to sell HostGator to Endurance Int. Group. He assured employees and clients alike that the new business owners would not only maintain present services but improve HostGator's known problems with stable billing and registrar portions.

    Products and Services

    While there are many web hosting services that a person can choose from, there are some factors that set HostGator apart from its competition. HostGator's shared hosting plan, for instance, offers low priced hosting deals that simply cannot be beat. There are three levels of hosting to choose from and transferring up (or down) to a different level is quick and easy.

    HostGator not only hosts websites and blog but also offers hosting reselling plans, VPS hosting and dedicated servers for large and/or specialized websites. The company also has an affiliate program that offers good monetary benefits.

    Perks and Amenities

    HostGator offers numerous free perks and amenities. The site hosting fee includes a free domain name of a person's choice, a feature that is not commonly offered by many hosting packages. The company's least expensive plan (known as the "Hatchling" hosting plan) comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, making it easy for the average business to stay on a low cost hosting plan even as a site expands to offer new products and services.

    HostGator also offers a number of free site building tools, including over four thousand ready made templates. The service includes all the tools that a person would need in order to engage in online affiliate marketing or e-commerce. The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all sites and promises fast and efficient customer service.

    HostGator is one of the best known and most highly trusted web hosts in the world today, and it is not hard to see why. The company was a pioneer in the industry and still offers high quality web hosting services at a very reasonable price. HostGator continues to expand and update its services, making it easy for webmasters, bloggers and affiliate marketers to work with the company to create websites, sell goods and promote products. A person who wants to start one or even more websites should at least consider giving this well known, trusted service a try.