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DPLAfest 2017

DPLAfest 2017—the fourth major gathering of the Digital Public Library of America's broad community took place April 20-21, 2017 at Chicago Public Library's Harold Washington Library Center.


  1. Welcome to DPLAfest!

  2. At the opening plenary, DPLAfest-goers received a warm welcome to the city of Chicago and a report on DPLA’s recent milestones and new initiatives from DPLA Executive Director Dan Cohen. Following the welcoming remarks, panelists Luis Herrera of San Francisco Public Library, Nell Taylor of the Read/Write Library, and Jennifer Brier, a historian from the University of Illinois Chicago, discussed community archives, storytelling, and intersections between local community practice and DPLA’s national network in a panel entitled, “Telling Stories of Who We Are,” moderated by DPLA Board Member Sarah Burnes.
  3. Over the next two days, over 350 participants, representing diverse fields including libraries, archives, museums, technology, education, and more, came together to learn, converse, and collaborate in a broad range of sessions, workshops, and working sessions.
  4. Using your tweets and social media posts as a guide, we have highlighted a few major themes that emerged from DPLAfest 2017!
  5. Transparency: A look at what's happening at DPLA

  6. DPLA unveiled its new Values Statement during the opening plenary, followed by a lightning talk by DPLA staffers Kelcy Shepherd and Scott Williams about the process of shaping the document and its impact on our work.
  7. Sessions that followed invited participants to dig deeper into DPLA projects including ebooks access, education and curation,, and technology, sharing both our successes and challenges with our community.