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Know How To Pace Up The Speed Of Your Slow Running Computer

A sluggish PC at work you could not take up anything worst for the day. Tired of using your computer with a snail’s speed? Replacing your computer with a new one is the last thing you should think of doing. Try the under mentioned ways to regain the speed of your system. Who knows you get a better speed by implementing any of these tips. These are meant for the beginners or the person who possess little or average knowledge of computers. Computers, caution and common sense all go hand in hand. Problems are often easy to solve from what they appear.


  1. You can avoid wasting time when your computer is running slow by following these steps:
  2. CUT DOWN THE ITEMS RUNNING ON STARTUP: Look out for the items which start when you hit the power button. You need to reduce those items that run on startup. Click on the Startup tab, if you find that your computer starts up slow.
  3. UNINSTALL PROGRAMS NO LONGER IN USE: Masses overlook the fact that there are programs which have never been used or they are no longer in use. You should review what status you have in this regard. Go to the control panel and access uninstaller tool to remove the loads of programs you never use.
  4. CHECK YOUR HARDWARE CAPACITY: More than anything it is required to check the hardware is sufficient or not. It is critical since having a proper hardware will ensure that you are making optimum utilization of the software too.
  5. SCAN VIRUSES AND OTHER MALWARES: No computer has vivid mechanism to fight against viruses, spywares and adware. Every window is vulnerable to virus attack. Due to which a small or big problem may arise.
  6. SCAN ERRORS IN WINDOWS: With course of time, system files may get changed or corrupted. To erode this, you can use a utility known as System File Checking this will inspect and correct any problem it finds.
  7. CLEAN YOUR BROWSER TOO: While some opine that Chrome is better than Internet explorer, you should focus on clearing your browser regularly regardless of what browser you use on your computer. Check out the history, caches, and cookies.
  8. MAKE ADJUSTMENTS WITH VISUAL EFFECTS: For a better performance you should compromise with tit and bit of visual effects such as mouse shadows. Go to computer, select system properties and then click advanced system settings.” Here you will find performance settings button with the help of that you can select adjust for best performance. Also, you can reduce screen resolution which will result in speeding up things, at the same time it improves battery life.
  9. Enjoy a computer running at faster speed.