When #innovategov gets hot, will policy debates follow?

Today, I watched partisanship add some heat to the notion government innovation, during the announcement of the first class of Presidential Innovation Fellows. The exchange could prompt public policy discussion. Or not. Here's what happened, followed by some analysis at the end.


  1. Here's the White House's storify of the event:
  2. But here's where it got a bit more interesting -- social media and livestreaming makes that sort of thing more easy, after all. First, the #innovategov hashtag went trending nationally, so spammers showed up. 
    Second, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was also watching and made it clear that she didn't have a positive opinion about what she was seeing. When she tweeted about it, she activated her many followers, many of whom may not have had a lot of context about the event.
  3. Author Philip Auerswald decided to engage Malkin directly. 
  4. So did I...
  5. ...but she responded to him: