How to build a personal learning network online

A collection of tweets from Howard Rheingold and assorted thinkers that offers insight into using the Internet to learn.


  1. Earlier tonight, I noticed author Howard Rheingold sharing insights into creating a "personal learning network." I found them insightful enough to curate his steps to creating such a network, along with those of some of his followers.
  2. I met Rheingold for the first time at the Personal Democracy Forum last year. Thoughtful man. He spoke about mindfulness and community online, which are just as pertinent in 2011 as they were in 2010.
  3. PdF 2010 | Howard Rheingold: Rethinking Community, Literacy and the Public Sphere
  4. He announced his intentions simply.
  5. Here are his steps.
  6. Great advice, to my ear, and well worth practicing in the new year.
  7. Rheingold wrote at more length about a PLN last October.
  8. He also shared an excellent article on the power of Twitter for learning. Over the past three years, I've certainly found it to be useful for that purpose.
  9. For more from Rheingold and his work, visit his website at