Bikini Body Beach Guide: My Way


  1. I used to work out and it was fantastic. Then life got in the way. Or, I let it get in the way. After I started seeing all the hype about Kayle Itsines I did not give much thought to it. But, then once I started seeing the before and after images around the Internet, it got my attention.
  2. If they could get it done, and still have a life, then why could not I? That was the major question that I asked myself. And, it turned out, it made perfect sense. So, I purchased PDF (reviewed here: Kayla Itsines Review at )with the nutrients novel with the Bikini Body Beach Guide.
  3. I cannot try out the app, because it is unavailable for Droid. My understanding is that it costs $55 for three months, or $20 per month for the subscription. While it really is really cool, because it offers up meal guidance and tracks efforts and fitness improvement, it erases if you dump the subscription.
  4. Long story short, it really is a great system that really works. Because I had trust in her I appreciated putting in the effort. And, it worked. Sweating never felt so good. Her application contains a recovery so that joints and the muscles can get up and exercise again the very next day.
  5. For me, honestly, the sense of accomplishment I got came from finishing the work outs. I did not get caught up in looking in the mirror or weighing myself. But, I did begin getting more compliments. I enjoyed that whole feeling I got from exercising. Though, I did not feel like it was eclipsing what I could do by hitting the gym on my own. I like taking classes just because it mixes up the routine also. Therefore I appreciated the guidance. It's like having your own fitness trainer.
  6. Though, the eating guidance and suggestions are useful. I have loved putting together the eating tips and incorporating them. I discovered that it has helped improve the way I feel and look too, and do like to cook.
  7. At some stage I shall need to try out some bikinis that are new to see if the fitness attempts are working for me and effective. I'm lucky because my body seems to like the exercise. It mixes it up a bit. What am I going to do when the program ends? Love the results of my attempts, and perhaps take a trip to the shore for a long weekend.