Creative, Flexible Uses for Fancy Diamonds of Various Hues

For many diamond buyers, only the clearest, purest stones will do. In fact, most diamonds sold today are graded according to such standards.


  1. For many diamond buyers, only the clearest, purest stones will do. In fact, most diamonds sold today are graded according to such standards, whereby stones of pure white hue and complete internal perfection are prized the most. In fact, though, there are a range of diamonds available that are not white at all, instead boasting tones like blue, yellow, and red.

    The most valuable and popular of all of these are pink diamonds. Specialists like diamondenvy now carry collections focusing on such stones, highlighting their unique character and special beauty in appropriate ways. As a visit to  will make clear, stones of this kind can be every bit as beautiful as white ones and are often even more so.

    In fact, interest in such diamonds has been rising for many years. Decades ago, such diamonds were often cast aside, being considered inferior to the perfection represented by white stones. Since then, however, a greater supply of fancy diamonds has meant that high quality stones of this kind are much easier to come by, and this has produced a slew of new opportunities for those interested in bringing out their beauty.

    A look at the diamondenvy website will show this clearly. Diamonds of yellow hue, for example, are frequently now featured as the centerpieces of wedding rings. With a glittering beauty that cannot be obtained with any other stone, such diamonds make the perfect focal point for many rings. They are often surrounded by smaller white diamonds, too, an arrangement that can emphasize the uniqueness of the central stone.

    Fancy diamonds of purple or brown hue are often used in arrangements of a roughly opposing sort. With a strong, high-quality white diamond set in the middle of a ring, diamonds of this kind can be used to form borders that emphasize the purity and beauty of the stone in the middle. This approach often proves highly effective even when relatively economical supporting stones are specified, something that can make a big difference for budget-conscious ring buyers.

    In many cases, even using a number of diamonds of roughly the same hue throughout a ring can be successful. Equipping a ring with a large, top quality yellow diamond in the middle and flanking it with smaller ones of the same shade can create a wonderful cascading effect. What fancy diamonds of this sort bring to jewelry designers and buyers is often a greater measure of flexibility than is possible with white stones alone.