Why we need a conversation about #dstigma

After diaTribe and dQ&A presented a study about diabetes stigma at this year's Friends for Life Conference, we wanted to post some of the major findings on Twitter for our followers to see. Below are those results, plus some other great posts about #dstigma.


  1. What a great conversation about stigma at #CWDFFL2014
  2. Now for some the of the study results.  Did you know people with type 1 diabetes seem to experience more stigma than those with type 2?
  3. Parents feel the most stigma, though!
  4. What do these diabetes advocates have to say?
  5. We need to get rid of the shame and blame associated with diabetes.
  6. This tweet portrays this point well:
  7. Another major finding from dQ&A:
  8. Ignorance can be a source of stigma, we need to educate more people about what diabetes is and how it impacts our lives!
  9. What does stigma look like?  Check out the graph below for some major themes.
  10. Restaurants can be trigger sites for diabetes stigma: