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SDN and Open Hardware

Compare the promise of Software Defined Networking and Open Source Hardware with alternative approaches to the emerging demand for Next-Generation ICT


  1. "I can now appreciate the advantages of viewing the market transition from this point of view (outcome oriented, and more meaningful than the typical technology-centric debate)."
  2. "My follow-on question is about the status of the “Cisco One” initiative — How is the developer ecosystem evolving since the announcement, and how many of the planned APIs are actually available?"
  3. What's the back-story on ACI? "An exploration of the path that Cisco pursued to evolve towards an 'application aware' architecture."
  4. "Cisco’s counter, which it calls application-centric infrastructure, includes software, services and partnerships meant to automate more of how software applications are deployed and run in both cloud computing systems and private data centers."
  5. "Superior software developer talent — and their applied creative imagination — will become the new lingua franca of forward-thinking network infrastructure innovations."