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Where should @HiddenCash hide money in L.A.? Followers weigh in

An anonymous Twitter account created a frenzy over the last week by hiding money in envelopes in San Francisco and leaving clues on Twitter. @HiddenCash has announced they will make a stop in L.A. this weekend. In the sprawling landscape that is L.A., where do you think they should drop money?


  1. @HiddenCash has created a Frenzy in San Francisco with its $100 cash envelopes hidden across the city and the only way to find it is through clues left on Twitter. The account - led by an anonymous benefactor - has grown to more than 140,000 followers is just a few days time. Now, they plan to do some drops in Los Angeles. 
  2. But where in L.A.? Across the entire county is a wide swath that could include Long Beach, South Bay, Pasadena, San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, and the West Side. Or it could just be L.A. city proper, but even that is a huge patch of land to cover. 

    Residents from all over those areas tweeted to @HiddenCash on Wednesday to make some suggestions of where to hide the money envelopes.