Melissa Evans - Long Beach Press-Telegram City Editor

Storify of some of Melissa Evans’ most memorable work.


  1. We owned coverage of a Long Beach teacher stabbed in front of her students at a Long Beach Park. We scooped all media outlets on this, and followed this murder with four days of coverage.

  2. We had an exclusive scoop in September on the head of Long Beach Marine Bureau Mark Sandoval being pushed out of his position over an illegal boat dock set up to benefit the Transpac boat race.
  3. We broke the story in January about Jim McDonnell announcing his run for Sheriff, and had the only interview with the chief on the day he announced. Our coverage that Monday likely pushed McDonnell into making his announcement; we had confirmed from several sources that he was going to announce his candidacy.

  4. We had an exclusive and very compelling human interest piece on Kevin Woyjeck, a Seal Beach man killed in the Arizona fires.

  5. I assigned and oversaw this very interesting story about the "Lowenthal dynasty" with Suja and Bonnie Lowenthal both in the race for LB mayor.

  6. I also oversaw this LANG wide piece from Josh that ran on veterans day, about military personnel returning to college in droves.

  7. I'm particularly proud of of our neighborhood series.