Storify: Day 5 – Stornoway, Tomintoul and Aberdeen

Day 5 saw the Olympic Flame travel the longest distance between Stornoway and Aberdeen, with a stop off at the highest point in the route in the small village of Tomintoul in Moray. #citizenrelay took in plenty of the route, dropped off some of its intrepid reporters and picked up a few more.


  1. Monday morning saw the Torch leave Stornoway and #citizenrelay welcomed guest bloggers @wordshore and Paul Fraser Webb to provide a view from afar. 
  2. And, there was the hiccup that some people expected..
  3. In their Tomintoul base, #citizenrelay reporters got ready to cover the highest point on the Torch route.
  4. Meanwhile, in Dufftown, the alternative Moray Torch Relay was getting underway.  The #citizenrelay team decided to find out more...
  5. The replica Torch was carried through the streets by Jena Grant, the oldest resident in Moray.  Here are her thoughts on the honour
  6. Interview with Moray alternative torchbearer, Jean (97) #citizenrelay
  7. Unfortunately, not everyone was expecting the replica Torch - some confusion was evident from Amelia 
  8. But Kim and Robin provide clarity on why the wider Moray Council community wanted to Walk, Run and Job to include 2012 people in the alternative relay. 
  9. Back in Tomintoul, the five-strong #citizenrelay team were capturing the School Games opening ceremony and interviews with the Tomintoul School Head teacher 
  10. *this* is what the Olympics should be about #citizenrelay
  11. Not content with speaking to the local people involved in the Torch Relay's visit to Tomintoul, they also caught up with the Scottish Government Minister RIchard Lockhead, the local Moray MSP.
  12. Richard Lockhead MSP arrives in Tomintoul #citizenrelay
  13. The Tomintoul celebrations were different to what had been experienced beforehand, evidently community-focused and involving local businesses coming together.
  14. Diane talks about local business and the Torch Relay