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Now he’s done it. Ol’ Dexter has gone and gotten himself into a real jam.


  1. Click Here to ====>>> Watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Online Here

    Click Here to ====>>> Watch Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Online Here

    aired last night on Showtime (if you didn’t see it, you still can). Titled “Are You…” the episode starts strong and never lets up. It looks like the show is back to form in a big way, laying the groundwork for a suspenseful season.

    The episode opens with Dexter racing to the airport. He frantically pulls over to get gas but all of his credit cards are declined. He pulls some cash out of a getaway bag (giving us a good look at the passports and cell phones also stashed inside). Dexter, it appears, is getting the hell out of Dodge…

    Which takes us to the cliffhanger from last season. Deb has just walked into the abandoned church and witnessed Dexter stab the Doomsday killer through the chest. “Oh, God,” Dexter says.

    Deb pulls her gun on Dexter and demands an explanation. Dexter tells her that he “snapped.” He claims that he came to do a forensic sweep, Doomsday attacked him and after fending him off, Dexter got caught up in the anger over Rita’s murder several seasons ago and took it out on Doomsday. Or something like that.

    Of course this doesn’t jibe with what Deb actually sees – Dexter in his kill outfit, the whole area wrapped in plastic, a spotlight conveniently placed directly over the body – but Dexter convinces Deb that he could lose everything, including his son. So Deb reluctantly helps him douse the crime scene in gasoline and they make the murder look like a suicide. Grimm Season 2 Episode 6