June RoundUp from the Intel AppUp team

It has been a busy month and lots of exciting developments from the Intel AppUp team. So I thought I"d take a moment to recap it all, just in case you missed some of it : ) Here is my round up of articles, posts and news from the Intel AppUp team that had my attention this month:


  1. June kicked off with Computex 2011 and brought many new partners to Intel AppUp with Acer, Reliance Communications, SpeedUp, Evernew, FOSA, USA-based Awaken and Datavision announcing plans to join the Intel AppUp center. We also announced the opening of Intel AppUp center beta for MeeGo-based netbooks. Starting second half of the year, Acer, Asus and Fujitsu netbooks will be sold with pre-loaded copies of the Intel AppUp center. Lastly, the Intel AppUp developer program expanded to Germany and Spain. So apps in German and Spanish can now be submitted to the program for validation. More information here and here

    Many new developments from a program perspective and there"s lots more coming :) A list below in case you missed some:

  2. What else? More Application Labs are coming to a city near you. Find the latest schedule here. Rafe Blandford wrote about the Application Lab on Allaboutmeego here. Also, Polar Mobile is doing great things with MeeGo and bringing 80 new applications to AppUp. More info here. Lastly, I loved this MeeGo product database from Meegonews.com.

    Other than that, we are working really hard to bring more resources,
    tools to our community. Let us know what we can do better/ change. Any and all feedback is appreciated.