meWE R-Squared Postcard Project

Hi! Thanks for visiting this project site, as it continues to grow.


  1. This is a community experiment of me (Andrea Davis, aka @detailmatters) asking my community for a postcard of recommendation for a scholarship to the R-Squared Library Conference. I am lucky and grateful for such support!
  2. This page tells the story of how this project came together and continues to grow. It has been a learn-by-doing education in using new digital tools and patching them together to as best create online what I could explain over tea in person.
  3. The Installation - coming together

  4. Andrea Davis tells me about her scholarship for #rsq12
  5. Installation in the R-Squared Conference Center. Thanks Patrick & Ann for helping untangling the fishing line.
  6. Lesson learned...take the extra time to store prepped materials carefully: fishing line likes to tangle so I need to find a better method to pack up the connectors.
  7. Knotted fishing line + 4 hands
    Knotted fishing line + 4 hands
  8. Getting ready for part 2 of the project, the physical display. Got the components, now for the construction. The challenge is to make it packable and portable enough to travel with it.
  9. postcard installation ingredients
    postcard installation ingredients
  10. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  11. R2_scholarship_awarded_email
  12. Right now, all images are uploaded and annotated on the detailmatters flickr account set: meWE RSquared Postcard Project - honestly, I'm joyfully overwhelmed by the amount of incoming postcards - and putting the careful time & effort to build good metadata for the images before loading into this site. 
    Keep coming back to THIS site in the coming days/weeks...

  13. Content is from me<WE (digital code is not too friendly with ASCII text symbols)
  14. davidlovins meWE painting
    davidlovins meWE painting
  15. The ASK

  16. check the postcard image for the fun details. here's the gist:
    - i'm taking a risk and creating a community-driven project for a conference scholarship
    - asking for your help to make this project work

    send a postcard to me about what changes i have stirred up in the library + community (you can be abstract, or explicit examples).

    if you don't know me, this is a great introduction :) what change would you like to see happen in libraries? 

    these postcards are physical/digital proof of a community network, an example that we can't and don't do it alone. you probably know me better than i do - so this is a chance to let me (and the scholarship committee) know what you think it is i bring to the table.

    i'm busy building a good web presence to share the postcards collected - i'll update this space once it's up!

    deadline for scholarship = June 3, 2012
    deadline for project = September 1, 2012
    if you can, please snap a photo of you and your postcard before sticking it in the mail. 

    got questions? i'm sure you do! send me a message or post them here.

    many many MANY thanks for your support!
  17. -- The twitter campaign