Bringing That Native Feeling in Mobile Design

The problem with many mobile websites is that they are still clearly traditional websites.


  1. Ever since mobile became the clear inarguable future of SEO, design, and Internet marketing, designers have tried exploring new innovative ways to reach the top of the pack. As of the last few months to a year, creating a mobile SEO Des Moines has always seemed a little forced. In short, mobile apps were natively designed for that purpose. They hardly work in a desktop, and many of them are not designed to work at all. This left developers to create design parameters that are exclusively fitted for mobile apps.

    The True Native Feeling in Mobile Design

    The problem with many mobile websites is that they are still clearly traditional websites. They lack that native feeling, and that is a problem. They are sometimes a bit clunky and ill-equipped to fit as a full mobile site. It can be compared to a generic brand of cereal. Sure, it tastes acceptable. But, there is nothing like a bowl of real-life Captain Crunch or a sip of a real Pepsi over Dr. Thunder.

    Designers have only recently jumped that gap between mobile app and mobile website. Zooming into images has helped push this transition. Website Design Des Moines makes images easy to zoom into. This is often taken for granted. Most desktop designs force a zoom when used on a mobile. It has to be that way. The desktop design is too wide and large. But, a mobile design usually restricts zooming or omits it entirely. The idea is that the design fits onto the screen well, and zooming in would destroy the user-intuitiveness. How can this balance be maintained?

    Image Design and Zooming

    Images are especially problematic. One way to make all this work is to allow for a zoom on only the images. To restore the screen back to its perfect mobile fit, users simply tap the image. It returns. The user is not lost in the page after zooming in entirely too far. Some designers have used organized slideshows to help contain one image on the screen at a time. A user clicks on the slideshow. The image grows on the screen. Users can subsequently click and zoom in. When they return, they are back in the gallery. These are all features taken for granted in an application-specific design.

    Web Design Des Moines can capture the spirited native aspects of a mobile application and develop that onto a website. The Des Moines Web Design can even rival some mobile apps with some fantastic ideas, such as the use of zoomed-in images and image allocation.