Tayshana Murphy: A Community Remembers the Athlete, the Friend, the Charmer

Throughout the year, the tears and the tributes never stopped. The 18-year-old, who's nickname was chicken because she loved chicken wings, has 5,236 friends on her Facebook page. Many post regularly, with some messages as simple as "I miss you."


  1. I was fortunate to collaborate with Nell Smith on the story below. She'd done extensive reporting at the Grant House Projects and had become very passionate about the people she interviewed and the fallen basketball star. A year later, she wanted to add her tribute to keep Tayshana's memory alive and asked me to visit the Grant Houses on the anniversary of her death.
  2. Great song, I must have played it at least four times in a row after I heard it. It was hard reporting on such a tragedy; both Nell and I felt heavy at times, but it will never compare to what her family and friends felt. For me, this song embodies the feelings of all those people who miss her, even thought they may have only met her after she died.
  3. A stone's throw away at Columbia University, the fall semester had barely begun when news of the high-school basketball phenom's death dominated the headlines. After hearing the news, I knew I had a story and I was eager to piece together the last 24 hours of this young teen's life - Nell Smith
  4. Despite what people outside of the projects may think of her life and lifestyle, she must have done a lot of things right for so many people to be so devoted to her.
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  6. “Tayshana told me she was going to change the world, and I believe her.”- her Dad Taylon Murphy, as he stood outside the courthouse after the first hearing following Tayshana's murder

  7. Tayshana Chicken Murphy (We Miss You Chick)
  8. Ball in Peace, Tayshana Murphy!!!