Chicago Marathon of 2012

This page follows the Chicago marathon that took place on Oct.7, 2012. It features coverage through different type of social media such as pictures, videos and comments. The contents are taken from Twitter, YouTube, and various creditable news sites.


  1. 2012 Chicago Marathon_0047
    2012 Chicago Marathon_0047
  2. List of articles that covered the event.

  3. A 47-year-old runner suffered cardiac arrest while running in the Marathon.

  4. Photos of runners in the Marathon.

  5. 2012 Chicago Marathon_0121
    2012 Chicago Marathon_0121
  6. 2012 Chicago Marathon_0050
    2012 Chicago Marathon_0050
  7. Chicago Marathon 2012 With Pictures
  8. Comments about the race.

  9. 2012 Chicago Marathon_0074
    2012 Chicago Marathon_0074
  10. Video of the Marathon at State Street in downtown Chicago.

  11. Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2012 - State Street - Chicago IL USA
  12. 2012 Chicago Marathon_0038
    2012 Chicago Marathon_0038
  13. Article written by the Huffington Post regarding the Chicago marathon.