Prof Leaves MOOC Mid-Stream

UC-Irvine professor Richard McKenzie walked out on his "Microeconomics for Managers" MOOC mid-stream. Catherine Prendergast (@cjprender on Twitter and a professor at UIUC) was a student in that course. She tweeted about the event.

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  1. Below I've captured a few of @cjprender's tweets describing her perspective that are replies to others' tweets. In each case, I've included the immediate tweet to which @cjprender replied, which provides a bit of context, but not the entire interchange.
  2. @SteveTally responds to @cjprender's earlier tweet about "standards bearer."
  3. Meanwhile, @ibogost was tweeting about the news. @cjprender replied.
  4. Back to tweets from @cjprender that aren't replies to others:
  5. And now a few tweet-and-reply pairs. First, from @JennLStewart: