Finding The Best Family Dentist For All Your Dental Needs

Colorado families discover brilliant family dental services by reviewing opportunities locally.


  1. Colorado families discover brilliant family dental services by reviewing opportunities locally. Among the brilliant dentists in their local area is Paul Corcoran. This dentist provides exceptional care and helps families feel at ease throughout a variety of services. Paul Corcoran DDS takes care of all your family dental needs.

    Comprehensive Annual Checkups

    In Avon CO Paul Corcoran DDS has Invisalign Clear Braces. These checkups determine if the patient has any adverse conditions that could compromise their oral health. The dentist acquires x-rays to review underlying teeth that are developing. The x-rays also help them identify any cracks or breaks in the tooth enamel. These conditions could lead to cavities or infection.

    Why Cleanings are Vital to Great Oral Health

    All patients receive two cleanings each year. These cleanings allow the hygienist to scrape away additional debris and plaque that wasn't removed through brushing and flossing. This service improves the look of the teeth and eliminates bacteria that could lead to gum disease. Once the hygienist completes the cleaning, they use a polish to make the teeth whiter and shiny.

    Examining Restorative Measures to Stop Pain

    Exposed nerves and cavities could lead to severe pain for children. The dentist must examine damaged teeth to determine the best treatment to restore it. This could equate to fillings that are performed with a composite resin. It could also include placing a crown over baby teeth until they become loose. These measures protect the tooth and prevent damage to underlying adult teeth. An emergency dentist for family and children perform these services at any time to eliminate pain.

    Assessing Opportunities to Straighten Teeth

    Teens who have alignment issues can find a solution through the installation of braces. The severity of the alignment issue determines what type of braces are most suited for the patient. In most cases, the patient will receive traditional metal braces. However, ceramic braces are less visible and provide the same strength as metal braces. Select patients with less severe alignment problems could use Invisalign. These opportunities allow the patient to remove the braces when necessary. See the best children's dentist in Eagle County Colorado to get braces today.

    Colorado families receive exceptional dental services by visiting a local dentist. These services range from examinations to complex restorative measures. These opportunities are designed to improve the appearance of teeth and prevent tooth loss and gum disease. Find gentle dentistry for your children at Paul Corcoran DDS by scheduling an appointment now.