What Can Be Done About Missing Teeth?

Most people who have dental implants put in place are able to keep them for a lifetime.


  1. When a tooth becomes injured beyond repair, it must be extracted to avoid necrosis. Though this is often not a big problem in some areas of the mouth, a missing tooth in front can lead to a person feeling uncomfortable with their appearance. When a tooth has become injured, people need to first see the emergency dentist charlotte nc. If the tooth must be pulled, there is a cosmetic dental procedure that can permanently replace the missing tooth so the smile is complete.

    To replace teeth with dental implants north carolina, the dentist will first need to perform an oral surgery procedure. During this procedure, the root part of the implant is placed. The root of the implant is the most important part because it provides strength for the implant. This is why the patient must wait three to six months to ensure full bonding has taken place before the tooth part of the implant is put in.

    The healing period takes a few months because bone cells grow at a much slower rate than other body cells. As the new bone tissue grows around the implant, the two become one solid piece. This is crucial for allowing the person to be able to chew their food without causing damage to the implant.

    Once the root is ready, the implant tooth can be placed on the end of the implant root. Once the two are joined properly, they must be separated using special dental tools. This helps to ensure the crown of the implant does not separate from the root and become damaged during eating or biting down.

    Most people who have dental implants put in place are able to keep them for a lifetime. As long as the dentist's instructions are followed, damage can be avoided so implants stay looking and performing as they should.

    If you are tired of having a smile that is not complete, there are cosmetic dental options your dentist can provide you. With dental implants, teeth can be replaced anywhere in a person's smile. Contact your dentist and schedule an appointment right away so you can get started on your beautiful smile.