Should You Visit a Dentist or Head to the Hospital?

When a person suffers facial trauma, it is best to skip the Emergency Dentist Garden Grove and head straight to the hospital.


  1. In the event of a dental emergency, individuals often wonder if they should contact the dentist or head to the emergency room. As with any medical emergency, the person needs to determine the severity of the injury when making this decision. Some situations will require an emergency room visit, yet others can easily be handled by a Primary Dental Care Emergency Dentist Garden Grove. Following are some guidelines a person can use when making this determination.

    Facial Trauma

    When a person suffers facial trauma, it is best to skip the Emergency Dentist Garden Grove and head straight to the hospital. The reason for this is a trauma of this type can affect the person's breathing or swallowing. This includes a dislocation of the jaw, an extremely swollen abscess or severe infection, a jaw fracture or serious lacerations and cuts to the mouth and/or face. The hospital is equipped to take life-saving measures in the event the individual cannot breathe or swallow, yet the dentist may or may not be. Don't hesitate to call 911 either in this situation.

    A Trip to the Dentist

    Cracked or broken teeth, in contrast, can be handled by an Emergency Dentist Garden Grove. This does not mean the visit should be delayed, however, as leaving the tooth untreated can increase the damage or lead to an infection settling in. A tooth that has been knocked out can also be treated in a dental office, unless is is bleeding severely or is the result of a trauma. Abscessed and decayed teeth, regardless of the accompanying level of pain, can usually be treated right in the dentist's office also.

    When a Dentist May Not Be Enough

    There are times when the dentist may take measures to help a patient before sending him or her on to a specialist. For example, if the pulp tissue has been damaged the person may need to see an endodontist. In the event a tooth that has been knocked out cannot be saved, the dentist may refer the patient to someone who specializes in Dental Implants. This depends on the case and the experience level of the dentist.

    Dental emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient time. This may be on a weekend, a holiday or just after the practice closes for the day. As long as the problem isn't life-threatening, don't hesitate to call the dentist. He or she is used to being contacted after hours. In the event the dentist isn't available, the office may be able to offer an on-call substitute. Only when all options have been exhausted or when a person suffers a facial trauma should a visit to the hospital be the solution to the problem.