A day in the life of... Roskilde Zoo

Being an animal in the crazy zoo called Roskilde Festival isn't half bad.

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  1. On my way to Roskilde Festival 2013. Can't wait to see all my friends...
  2. They'll never find me here. @katrinebrix
  3. The bunnies are trying to gather the crew for tonite's party
  4. Hop to the hotspots. Use festivalnet.dk or get a voucher at any cloak room #rf13 #rfinfo
  5. ... meanwhile the young pony is chilling in the sun getting ready for the Goatwhore show...
  6. ... and the bears are always on the look out for a snack...
  7. Oh, and did you know that bears love rye bread and mackerel? #rffunfact #rf13 #rffood
  8. ... and a bit of fun ignoring the rules. "Please DO NOT feed the humans". #rebelwithoutacause
  9. Finally at the show. Watching from way up high - animal style